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Cats, Cat Veterinarian
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with domestic cats and show specimens alike.
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Hello I have a very sick cat at home because she had her mammary

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Hello I have a very sick cat at home because she had her mammary glands infected a week ago and she has kittens that are one month old so I guess she is producing milk and she has been seen by the vet but the tissue around her nipples became black and really hard and she is schedule for surgery next Thursday i am giving her really strong antibiotics both oral solution and pills but the tissue has erupted around the black dead one and last night I took her that's when they have me to strong antibiotics but this morning it looks so much bigger as it might just fall out of her and im concerned they didn't tell me to treat the wound but it is also a trust charity vet and I'm worried she will be dead of septic shock before her surgery I can tell she is fine right now but is there anything I can do to help her? I have ordered an Elizabethan collar for her that will arrive this afternoon I don't want to take her there because I'm afraid they will just send me back home with her to wait for surgery
Cats :

Hi there, vet Andrew here. When you post a message I will be notified and will come online.

Customer: Hi vet Andrew thanks for getting in touch
Cats :

Is Charlie still eating?

Cats :

And drinking?

Customer: Yes she is eating well actually I can take her temp right now if it's necessary but she looks fine
Customer: Yes drinking too
Cats :

Yes, if you have a thermometer please take the temp.

Customer: Ok just a sec
Customer: Done, I took it twice to be sure and its 37.9/38 C
Cats :

That's spot -on normal. If too high, she could have an abscess brewing which the antibiotics are not controlling. If too low she could be going into shock, or be low on blood sugar or dehydrated.

Cats :

Mammary infections usually brew like an abscess and burst out in a spectacular crater which looks very alarming, but I assure you they are better off this way rather than being contained and having the infection spread internally.

Customer: She was a really wide abscess but she is on strong antibiotics and she was making me stress because I could see all the flesh kinda like hanging there so I cleaned the wound and wrapped it up with bandage
Cats :

Yes, perfect. You have done the right thing. You can use boiled and cooled salt water to swab out the wound once or twice daily, then re-bandage with fresh material. Each time you do this you will be removing dead flesh which will help prevent sepsis. I know it looks horrible but they are not painful.

Customer: Well she has kittens and she is going insane to keep them around... I cleaned her with diluted providone iodine solution everywhere and did the bandage so she can lay down with her kittens, should I remove it?
Cats :

Are there any normal glands left?

Customer: Oh alright great
Customer: I left the two good ones out of the wrapping because I'm scare that the milk might get stuck there too so maybe the kittens can help it?
Cats :

Yes, leave the nipples exposed so the kittens can keep suckling. This will keep them happy and her too. Are you all set up with artificial milk for after the op? I assume your vet is going to do a 'mammary strip' which removes all tissue.

Customer: Yes and a spaying too yes they are already eating solids and litter trained but she is very kind and loving and I hate to see her unhappy and the noise of her crying for them
Cats :

Ok, I see they're 1 month old so by Thursday the weaning won't be too abrupt. Did your vet tell you to keep her separate from them?

Customer: She is awesome she takes her pills without a reflect etc. Well yes but he also told me to not wrap her lol it wasn't her regular vet because for this kind of treatment I had to go to a charity trust with a special referral.
Customer: The Kittens are very vivid and they have had milk on their own for the past days also the kitten solid croquettes that I mooshed with milk and they looked happy
Cats :

Good. We sometimes tell clients not not bandage infected glands as it may hold in infection. In my opinion you seem pretty switched on about cleaning and re-bandaging twice daily so in this case I would advise you do so, especially as it means you can reunite her with the kittens, reducing her stress levels and yours!

Customer: Lol I know I am a bit stressed but I consider this extremely serious and I feel very paranoid for not being able to afford her regular vet but that's life sometimes I just want to do all within my reach to help her and get over this
Cats :

Understood. Rest assured you are doing well with her.

Customer: So I'll keep the wound cleaning then; thank you very much for your time you have been most helpful clearing all my doubts
Cats :

Ok. I would monitor her temp twice daily, and phone your vet if it strays outside 37.5 - 39 C. Also if her appetite or drinking habits change, or if she starts vomiting. If you're worried, your vet may elect to have her in for treatment or bring forward the surgery. They are unlikely to just send you home if she starts getting ill.

Cats :

Do you have any further questions?

Customer: Got it I'll do it after her cleaning :) I feel better now I do not have any more questions, thanks Vet Andrew have a nice weekend
Cats :

You too. Please let me know how you get on, free of charge, by replying to this thread. Regards, ***** *****

Customer: Certainly thank you again so much! Best regards, Michelle
Cats :

All the best, ***** ***** don't forget to rate my answer if you are happy.

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