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Dr Gwen
Dr Gwen, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Ten years experience in critical care, preventative medicine, behavioral, and chronic cases in cats.
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My Siamese cat who is 9 has I believe has passed a quantity

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My Siamese cat who is 9 has I believe has passed a quantity of blood. There doesn't appear to be anything in it other than done grass
Dr Gwen :

, welcome to Just Answer. I will do my best to answer your questions and help Kandinsky. Did he vomit the blood or did he pass it in feces?

Customer: That I'm not too sure about as I wasn't there at the time there did Appear to be some vomit near the area of blood with grass I it
Dr Gwen :

Okay, that does help. How is he acting now? Any difficulty breathing? Does he have blood around his hindend or on the tail?

Customer: He seems okay has eaten his breakfast and is now sleeping and there doesn't appear to be any blood around his hind end or tail
Customer: 3 weeks ago he was bittenby a dog and had to have some stitches and wore a lampshade days and didn't pass any stools during thAt time. He was given something to help him pass a motion Not sure if this has anything tondo with what has just happended
Dr Gwen :

Without doing an actual examination it will be difficult to tell you exactly where the blood came from and if there is anything wrong with him. Having said that, I can tell you that when cats eat grass and play outside they can have a blade of grass stick in the soft palate and upper sinus areas at the back of the mouth. This can cause significant irritation until it is expelled. Some cats will cough or vomit to rid the blade of grass, and in doing so will rupture some of the blood vessels in the area, which leads to a puddle of blood being brought up as well.

Dr Gwen :

It is possible that this is what happened to Kandinsky. If he is comfortable, I think it is reasonable to watch him and monitor his appetite and bathroom behavior. If they appear abnormal, or he seems weak, nauseous, or you see more blood expelled, then I would have your veterinarian examine him.

Customer: Maybe this could be the problem as I did find a couple of sharp blades of grass..I will keep an eye on him other symptons
Dr Gwen :

Watch coughing, gagging, drooling, pawing at the mouth, vomiting, difficulty breathing, or frequent swallowing. These could all be signs of irritation and even a foreign object.

Customer: Thank you advice
Dr Gwen :

My pleasure, good luck!

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