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My partners cat has had an ongoing bowel problem over the last

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My partners cat has had an ongoing bowel problem over the last 11 months, initially it was not a real problem however it became more frequent and more recently it was thought to be mega colon, she is a Himalayan well at least 90%. More recently we have had to take her in to have her bowels cleaned out the most recent she was anaesthetized and it was initially thought a growth had been located near her anus, after a discussion vet to my partner for 20 mins as the way forward the growth had gone so there was nothing to biopsy and it was decided to bring her round as her bowels had been virtually cleared. two days later she passed a normal faeces and a day after that she had diarrhea taking us to last Friday, Saturday she went to the vet her bowel was clear there was no sign of the previous lump in the fatty tissue, since then she has eaten as normal and very regular, she seems content, however has only passed one small amount of faces this was this morning. She still appears happy and there is no sign of a blockage, our concern is the lack of output compared to input. Can I have your thoughts please?
Welcome. I'm Dr. Bruce and I've been a small animal veterinarian for over 15 years. Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about this situation with Belle. How long ago was she last at the vet to have her colon cleaned out / the enema's done? Has she had any stools since the diarrhea this past Friday? Is she on any specific oral medications at this time or diet supplements? What is her diet over the last few days?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She last had her bowel cleaned out and this was when the lump was found on Tuesday 24/2/15. She passed a small stool this morning 1" rounded an tapered, she has been taking lactulose and lactapaste, we have varied her diet from dry fibrous food, chicken as well as mashed pumpkin. Her last visit to the vet for a check up was Saturday 28/2/15 her bowels were clear and there was no sign of the previous lump that manifest on 24/2/15

Thanks for that information Andy. This is one of those situations where it is good that she is eating normal, seems content and passed that little amount of stool this morning. Sometimes it is hard to judge what is going in and what should be coming out. Some foods are higher in non-digestable materials (fiber) than others. Those that are lower in fiber have less to pass than those that are higher. So in saying all this, it would seem that she's not in any overly concerning situation at this time. As long as she's seeming happy, eating well, not vomiting, and passing stools every day or two, these stools seem for the most part to be soft and not rock hard, and not straining - then it would seem that her current therapy is going well. The lactulose is meant to get the stools to be a soft consistency. It is a balance of too much causing diarrhea and not enough causing hard stools. It can be varied to get the right stool consistency.
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