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I have a cat who is currently at a vet surgery (blood

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I have a cat who is currently at a vet surgery for tests (blood came OK in 2 vet surgery so far...) and tomorrow he will have a thorax x-ray due to vomiting a lot recently, once a thick green paste and 2 days later a more liquid green juice.
The problem is that there were a lot of it, the first time, about a pint or so and the 2nd time about a full large glass. He is now on a drip as his dehydration was life threatening. He could not eat or drink for the last 6 days, and lately I was syringing him (slowly in his mouth - was told how to) with water and high protein pate, however coming out during the following nights....As a nutritional therapist, I thought of a perforation of the gall bladder, but it could be simpler that this, however still life threatening for him.
What do you think that green paste could be associated to? I thought of food poisoning of course, but could not pinpoint with what.
Unfortunately, I have realized that we do have 2 toxic plants, the famous Christmas plant with lovely red and green leaves - still OK just after this Christmas - and another called: sienna sunset.
Do you think that this could contribute to this critical vomiting if he did bite one leaf?
many thanks for answer - we are desperate to know.
I cannot wait!
kind regards,
I am sorry to hear you are worried about Ted. I am a veterinarian and will do my best to help.
Sienna Sunset is not toxic to cats. Pointsettias can be irritating, the sap has crystals in it, but just biting a leaf will not make a cat sick. I get one of these every Christmas and my cats bite it (apparently it tastes bad so usually a cat just bites it once) and have never been sick.
Gall bladder perforations are not common in cats. An ultrasound scan of his abdomen should tell if the gall bladder is still intact.
The green paste vomit could be a sign of internal bleeding, stomach ulcer, eating something that was that green color, or bile mixed with blood in the vomit.
I hope the Xray shows the answer, and I hope he is feeling better soon. Let me know how he is doing and what else I can help with or answer.
How is Ted doing?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your care and asking Ted's news.

He is not with us any longer, due to the Charity having taken him back for further treatments. Sadly they took back ownership of him as he has had to get a major operation: his tummy on ultra-sound showed some untangled intestines and some areas wide open and leaking loose everywhere..... explaining the fact he was vomiting all the food/drink he was absorbing, how tiny it was in the last few days with us, with only 2 to 3 - 5ml syringes servings. I was told that 12hours later he would have died due to severe lack of hydration for the last 6 days or so. He had not eaten for 6 days (or just a few syringes which could not be absorbed) so he suffered a drastic weight loss, about 2kg.

My daughter and I were devastated to let him go to the previous owner who obviously managed to have him operated by their vets straight away. He his now saved, and is recuperating slowly and surely, to our happiness of course, and will stay 3 to 6 months safe at the Charity place before being rehomed. The charity were fantastic for this, and the only reason for this important health issue we could not take care of is that we could not go for this operation with no insurance for him... The cost to cover was £2000+ for the operation and scans, including the pre and after care needed. We could not take the risk for him to dye on the operation table for this type of money. We therefore took a good lesson to insure our cat asap when we just get one home. Sadly and so stupidly, would you believe..., that is the 2nd cat we loose (one died previously) because of no insurance.Those costs are extortionate and we cannot afford these amounts with only one person working in a household!

I hope this will help your full understanding now, and many thanks for the very good answer you gave me, especially about the toxic plants and what could this green paste vomit be. Although I knew it was the gallbladder leaking, it was no help before opening the tummy!

I may attempt in due course to get him back (as it can only be an advantage for a Charity to receive a substantial amount of £ instead of £80 from a new owner...) as our daughter is autistic (mild form, but still Asperger) so connects better to animals than humans, explaining why she is so upset and angry about the whole situation.

thanks and hope to read you soon,

kind regards


I am sorry you had to give him up, but glad to hear he is doing better.
Thank you for the update. I hope you can find another cat for your daughter that won't be a replacement, but a new cat to love.
Rebecca and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you kindly for the great rating.