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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  10 years experience in Small Animal veterinary practice
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My cat 16 year old cat appears to have list a lot of weight

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My cat 16 year old cat appears to have list a lot of weight combined with an apparent loss of eyesight and thus stumbles into furniture and people. In addition his appetite has increases as has his thirst , he now wee's frequently and not just in his cat box or out side he has been weeing around the house too. I'm reluctant to take him the the local vets as I think it would be a one way trip
Dr. Dan M. : Hi, it is important for you take your cat to the vet as there maybe things to improve the quality of life.
Dr. Dan M. : From your description I suspect your cat may have an overactive thyroid gland
Dr. Dan M. : This causes weight loss, high blood pressure (which causes blindness) and other clinical signs
Dr. Dan M. : It is a common disorder of older cats and is simple to diagnose with a single blood test
Dr. Dan M. : It can be easily managed with medication
Dr. Dan M. : I wouldn't be fearful over going to the vets
Dr. Dan M. : It is important to see if there are things that can improve your cats quality of life and it may well be that this is the case. I see lots of very old cats that leave the consult room with clean bills of health or realistic plans to investigate disorders and improve their quality of life
Dr. Dan M. : Your vet will be able to fully examine your cat and check for signs of hyperthyroidism of other diseases. Only if your vet feels that your cats quality of life is suffering and nothing realistic and reasonable can be done to alter this then euthanasia may be discussed.
Dr. Dan M. : I hope that this helps and that you have a little more confidence to see your vet. Let me know if you have any questions .
Customer: Hi thanks , the vet did take a blood test last visit to check his thyroid and the results came back ok, but that was a couple of months ago so is it still,likely to be the thyroid?
Dr. Dan M. : Hi, thyroid disease can develop and not be an instant change. I would want a full set of blood tests done at least checking the kidneys too as blindness is most likely to be caused by thyroid or kidney disease. Again these are things which can be managed. The priority is that your cat is alert eating drinking and not vomiting or suffering from diarrhoea. As long as these things are happening then life can carry on without the need for veterinary intervention. A treatment for parasites is always useful in cats that are losing weight. Other causes of weigt loss include dental disease or cancer (usually of the intestines). Moving forward, if the cat is happy alert etc then you could just enjoy Mickey ensuring he remains like this. But if you think there are areas that are affecting his enjoyment of life then your vet can examine, look for causes of weightloss and if they share your concerns can discuss investigations and possible treatments if felt approriate. If these investigations aren't felt to be in Mickeys best interest then euthanasia may be discussed especially if it is felt that he is suffering. Hope that all makes sense. Dan
Customer: Hi DR , yes thanks very much , off to the vets it is cheers
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