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I need an answer about why my perfect little boy cat died

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i need an answer about why my perfect little boy cat died
I am so sorry to hear about your cat. My sincere condolences. I will do my best to help.
What were the circumstances of his death? Was he sick? Did he just suddenly pass away? Was he being treated by a veterinarian before he died?
This is an Info Request, to help me answer your questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


on Saturday 4 july 2015, at 7.05pm, GMT, my darling, perfect, precious boy, Ronald Anthony Dalgliesh, AKA Ronnie, ron, ron ron, wonnie wonnie woo woo, won won, wee wee woo woo, died. he was twenty seven and a half months old. ron was found dumped in a cat basket outside a supermarket on my 48 birthday two years ago. there was thick frost on the ground and at first I could only see a very young cat - his mummy. when she moved, two tiny faces poked out and I was in love. I brought them home and planned on taking them to my vet to rehome as I had just lost the last of my nine and after losing four of them in thirteen months, I wasn't willing to go through that level of pain again. these three had other ideas. within a few hours I was gone. they owned me. it was obvious that there was something the matter with ron. he had a much bigger head than his sister and his eyes bulged a little and his back legs didn't work properly. after having him checked out, they thought he had swimmers legs so I made shackles out of micropore take and gave him physio three times a day for five days and he started walking. he wiggled and wobbled occasionally but he ran, jumped, climbed, chased and played and loved his food. and so we continued until two weeks ago today when he fell off the back of the couch and landed on me as he had a fit. I rushed him to my vet and they said that they thought he had epilepsy. I said I wanted to be referred to a specialist and an appointment was made for me to go on Friday just passed. on Thursday ron had his second seizure. after the appointment, arrangements were made for us to travel out of London on the following Tuesday to have a brain and spinal scan. he was restless on Friday night and wouldn't stay on the bed which was totally unlike him. he struggled to hold food in his mouth and at 6am he had his third seizure. it was short and not particularly strong but he was disorientated. I rang the consultant and asked if we could go to them immediately and he agreed. ron went into the garden when I jumped in the bath and when I got out I couldn't find him. he was unconscious on the decking, rigid, in the midst of the most horrific fit yet. we rushed to my local vet who sent us straight to the consultant. they examined him - his pupils weren't reactive - and said that they would start him on anti seizure meds immediately and scan him within 24 hours and then sent us home. I had just arrived back in London when the phone rang. they said he was stable and that they were about to scan him. two hours later they rang to say that ron had stopped breathing under anaesthesia. although his heart continued to beat, they couldn't make him breathe without life support. an hour later, they euthanized him

I am so sorry to hear about what you and Ron went through.
Was an autopsy done? That is the only way to really know what was wrong with him and why he died.
It sounds like he had some congenital problem, such as water on the brain, or hydrocephalus. That would explain his enlarged head, bulging eyes, seizures, and incoordination. If that is what he had, he would not have survived much longer, and there is no good treatment.
A brain scan would have told you if he had this condition. So would an autopsy.
My deepest sympathy for your loss. It must have been terrible not to be with him. Let me know what other questions you have. Rebecca
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

no. the scan showed massive changes. there was no differential between the grey and white matter and his eyes had stopped reacting to light. they say that it was a congenital problem

Then it does sound like he was born with a malformed brain, that his brain was not normal from birth.
He could not have survived with this condition. The anesthesia may have hastened his passing, but he was not going to get better. From you description, he was a little miracle to have survived as long as he did.
I will be going offline for awhile now. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The guilt is crushing. Could I have known earlier and helped him? I am so down without him. could nothing have been done to help him? that final seizure was horrific. his whole body was rigid for over 20 minutes and eventually the tip of his tail started to twitch. the report from the vet said that there were all sorts of problems with his brain. two weeks ago i had a healthy cat with a slight gait, now he is gone and i am heartbroken

I think he had this problem since birth and that there was nothing you could have done. Although he seemed healthy, his odd head shape, bulging eyes and weak hind legs showed that the problem was there from birth. The siezures were probably just going to get worse, until he died.
You gave him a good safe loving life. He just was not meant to live as long as most cats. I think it was a gift he lived as long as he did.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

he grew into his head and slightly almond eyes - they werent massively bulging, i probably made that sound worse. his head wasnt odd shaped, it was just slightly out of proportion to his body for a couple of weeks. i am so sad about his loss. i feel incredibly guilty taking him for the scan that ultimately killed him

The scan may have hastened his death, that is possible. From what was found on the scan, his abnormal head and eyes, and the seizures all indicate serious brain problems. If you had not had the scans done he may have lived a little longer, but these terrible seizures woul have continued.
Your description of what was found on the scan is so abnormal, it is a surprise to me he lived as long as he did. I am sorry you miss him and grieve for him. He was just not destined to live a long life from what you have told me.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you for all your help. I guess I will never know whether I killed him earlier than he should have passed or not. I will grieve for him until the end of days. I cant cope with the sorrow, loneliness and guilt. I don't eat, sleep, drink, move really. I just want to be with him

Your feelings are normal grief, especially that you want him back and that you think somehow he could have lived longer. You did not kill him, however. Your description of the last fit he had sounds like he was losin the brain function he had. His eyes had lost response, and his brain function was going away. He never would have had been the cat he was from then on and he probably would have not lived much longer with or without the anesthesia and the scan. You did not kill him.
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My sincere condolences.
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