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My cat cries every time she uses her litter box. She is a shouter

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My cat cries every time she uses her litter box. She is a shouter anyway and shouts when she wants out, wants in, has a mouse..... she had a minor eye issue not long ago and got a clean bill of health. Is there anything else I should be looking for?
Hello, my name is***** and I have over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian. I am sorry to hear that your girl Ciara is vocalizing every time she uses the litter box. While she may be a talkative girl in general and not have a very high pain tolerance this still isn't normal.It is worth trying to figure out whether she is painful passing urine or stools.If her stools are very soft or hard, ever have mucous or blood associated with them, seem to be bigger or smaller than usual, or it takes longer than usual to pass them this is likely related to some sort of discomfort in her gastrointestinal tract. That can include colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, parasites, especially tapeworms, or anal glands that are full, impacted or infected or a mass or foreign body that is making passing stools uncomfortable.If her stools seem fine but she seems to be urinating more frequently than usual, especially in small amounts, there is blood in her urine or it smells more pungent that usual, she is drinking more water or ever has urinary accidents outside the box that can point toward urinary tract calculi, crystals, an infection, a mass in the urinary tract, or a primary inflammatory condition seen more in cats that are easily stressed called idiopathic interstitial cystitis.I think Ciara does need to see her veterinarian but trying to determine which elimination is painful for her will help them narrow down a cause and get her more comfortable sooner.Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi there,

Sorry I didn't thank you for your response - we have had a lot going on!

Ciara who I asked you about has been diagnosed with hopefully a simple UTI and has been given antibiotics. While we were watching her toilet habits we noticed that our boy - Juju - wasn't toileting much and just wasn't his normal self - not wanting cuddles and distancing himself from us. We also have a third cat - Jasmine - who we got from the CP and it has taken us over 6 months to get her diet sorted as she had chronic diahorreah when we got her.

Ciara has stopped shouting after using her box but Juju is now our main concern. We have had him to our vet 4 times for all blood tests scans etc and it seems he has crystals in his urine. He has been prescribed a special diet which I pick up on Monday.

I am worried that it is something we have done for 2 cats at the same time to have toilet issues / infections?

Also, in a 3 cat household it is going to be difficult with feeding all 3 different foods....Do you have any advice?



I am sorry to hear that multiple kitties are having trouble at once, you have your hands full.I am glad to hear that Ciara is feeling better.Some diets are not very helpful in maintaining urinary health; their formulations predispose to changes in pH and increased levels of waste products that predispose toward crystal formation and urinary tract infections. I suspect that Ciara and JuJu can be fed the same food. More important with urinary tract disease though is pushing fluids. So I recommend canned food only even adding warm water to their meals, multiple meals a day, and a kitty drinking fountain to encourage drinking.You will likely need to feed meals with them in separate rooms so everyone gets the right food. Ciara and Juju in one room and Jasmine in another. All of the disease processes that your kitties have are worsened by stress.Encouraging play behavior and exercise is a natural way to relieve stress. Fishing line toys for them to chase, hiding treats for them to "hunt down" in cat trees or kitty condos can be fun too. Perhaps building an outdoor enclosure on a patio or porch so they can go out safely would help. Make sure you have enough sleeping spaces and places to hang out and observe for all kitties to enjoy.You should have at least 3 litter boxes.Competition for resources is big a stressor in a multi-cat home. I recommend Feliway too as a stress reliever, especially with multiple pets in the home. This is a synthetic analog of a calming pheromone that cats use to mark things as safe or home.You can also use Rescue Remedy drops, a homeopathic calming drop, along with Feliway. Zylkene is another supplement that may help relieve stress and thus decrease symptoms. Here is a link if you's like to read more about it: Best of luck with your kitties.
Dr. Kara and 3 other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

We already feed Juju and Ciara in 1 room with Jasmine in the other (she is an older madam so makes it easy!)

We did have a water fountain before for other cats (which are no longer with us) and Juju and Ciara ignored it.

We already have 6 litter boxes all over the house - Juju and Ciara who were here first (brother and sister) use the same 2 and we have 4 smaller ones all over the house for Jasmine as she only has 3 legs and has issues with the original trays. There have been no obvious territorial issues - both Jasmine and Juju can get jealous but soon settle down close with cuddles.

Ciara and Juju go outdoors but Jasmine doesn't. Ciara and Juju hunt and bring in birds and mice - will this affect the diet?

We play lots with Juju and Ciara with toys but poor Jasmine still doesn't get the concept of play and no matter what we do runs away.

We are good cat parents and love our babies but not sure what to do next?

Thanks, ***** ***** been doing a lot right, they just aren't helping by using the drinking fountain.I would absolutely add warm water to their meals. An occasional bird or mouse should be Ok, that tends to be mostly protein and have high water content.The litter box situation sounds perfect.Even with cats that are mostly friends there is always some stress in a multi-cat household. None of us gets along with our friends or partner all of the time, that is normal and to be expected, but it does contribute to stress levels.I think that Feliway diffusors are worth trying, and Rescue Remedy drops added to their food or water may be too.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you think that it is stress related?

I think it may be a contributing factor. Anytime I see chronic disease type conditions occur in a multi-cat house I think at least part of the trouble is social stress.