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Doc Sara
Doc Sara, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I am a dog and cat veterinarian with a lifetime of experience in our family veterinary hospital.
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On the 5th of Sept I took my cat to the vets as I noticed

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On the 5th of Sept I took my cat to the vets as I noticed he was badley limping on his back leg he just didnt seem himself he was eating but it looked like he just couldnt be bothered withanything or any one he didnt even want to go out just slept all day & night he religiously gets usa up around 4 in the morning to be let out.
The vet checked and thought he could have been in a fight his back paw seemed very sore and she thought may be he had a puncture would which may have turned into an abcess he had a anti inflamitary and antibiotics for 10 days he seemed fine for 2 days but went back to being sort of lifless he is a very loving cat normally but just snarls now if you lift him I took him back a couple of days later as he seemed to go back to how he was now she thinks he may have broken a bone in his foot so to give him 4 weeks to heel. its nearly 3 weeks now and Chester is eating when he can be bothered but still lacks the energy he had and sleeps all day and night if he does go out it literally for a while and comes back in staright to bed. I did notice the other day he seems to be arching his back as though this eliviates pain and also while eating lifting up his front paws off the floor do you think I should take him back.
Hello there - I'm Dr. Sara - I'm a licensed vet in the US who works exclusively with cats and dogs. I'm sorry to hear that Chester has not been feeling himself lately, but glad to be here to help. It certainly does sound like there's something more going on than an abscess - the antibiotics would have kicked it and he should be back to normal by now. If he were just limping a bit but acting well otherwise, I'd consider a strain/sprain or small broken bone likely. However, since he's acting lethargic and "sick" in general, there may be more going on. We just don't expect them to be lethargic and feeling yucky with a strain/sprain injury or broken bone that is healing. With my patients, if they're not feeling better with my treatment or they are getting worse in spite of treatment, I always want to see them back. Your family vet would likely feel the same way. I would give them a call and discuss Chester's symptoms and possibly have him in for another exam if they recommend it. Since he's been off for awhile, it's likely time to get some diagnostics like some blood work or X-rays to try to find the source of the problem. These certainly are very vague signs, so they could be caused by a wide variety of health issues, but the diagnostics will help narrow it down. Please let me know what other questions I can handle for you - we can chat until I've covered all of your concerns :)~Dr. Sara
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