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My cat is 13 years old mostly indoor cat. Just found a lot

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My cat is 13 years old mostly indoor cat. Just found a lot of blood in the bath, looks to thick for her to have peed it out so the other option is coughed/puked it up. I've noticed she is also feeling very thin lately. Any advise?
Hello, thanks for writing in. My name is***** and I would be happy to help you. It is still possible that the blood is coming from the urinary tract, especially if it is a tumor in the bladder. It could also be from her mouth, stomach, respiratory tract or anus. If it came from her anus, there most likely would be some feces, but if it is a clotting problem, that may not be the case. You can try and look in her mouth to see if there is a mass, but sometimes it is further back than we can see without sedation. With her weight loss, I would be very concerned about potential cancer. Diabetes, hyperthyroidism and kidney failure are also very common in older cats, but I wouldn't expect the bleeding you are seeing to be from that. A blood clotting problem is also very possible. My best advice is to have your vet evaluate her to see exactly where the blood is coming from, run some blood work and potentially get x-rays done. There isn't much you can do at home for this, especially without knowing exactly what is causing the bleeding. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks I am worried about cancer as she keeps getting these scabs I thought it was due to the current onset of fleas we have had brought into the house but the scabs combined with the weight loss and the fact she is pure white is a cause for concern. Is there much that can be done for a cat with cancer? That wouldn't cost me the earth
You are welcome. If you notice that her gums are white, she is most likely very anemic. That would be that there was an excessive amount of blood loss at one time or slow, chronic bleeding over a longer time. Either way, that is not good and may require a blood transfusion. Treating cancer and the costs associated with it vary greatly depending on the type of cancer. Some are not even treatable. It may require surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or any combination of the above. The costs can be a lot, probably a few thousand dollars with no guarantee for long term survival. Her symptoms do not sound good to me at this point. I would see if your vet can confirm cancer, though. That would give a better idea what her prognosis and treatment options are and what the costs may be. I hope this helps.
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