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Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan, Cat Veterinarian
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My cat had apx 35-50 mg of paracetamol 24 hours ago he is 5.5kg

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My cat had apx 35-50 mg of paracetamol 24 hours ago he is 5.5kg will he be OK..
Hello!Thank you for your question, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you. No your cat will not be ok if you don't get him veterinary care immediately. In cats the symptoms of this toxicity will show up at the 48-72 hour mark and when the symptoms are noticable it is usually too late for cats. What is happening is this drug is affecting your cat's red blood cells and binding them up meaning slowly and steadily he's delivering less and less oxygen to his tissues. Once we start to see symptoms usually one or more organs are in failure and death is certain. It is imperative that you get him to the vet immediately so they can begin binding the remainder of the drug and start protecting the organs that are starting to be damaged. This is very serious and he needs to get care as soon as possible. I hope this helps, if not please feel free to ask more questions. Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How much long-term damage would have happened if I get him to the vet in the morning 36 hours in. Can it be reversed??
The binding of the drug to the red blood cells can be reversed, yes ... however during the time betweeen now and then, the organs are getting more and more starved for oxygen and we won't know at what point the oxygen starvation to the tissue is too far to be stopped. It is imperative not to wait one minute longer than you have to. Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you I will get him to the vets asap. Oh do you have an idea what tests would be needed
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
And will getting him to drink more bye extra time for his liver
Generally the minimum test would be a Complete blood count looking for methhaemaglobinemia and a blood chemistry test looking for liver failure (which is usually the organ targeted first). Drinking orally will not help much, fluid therapy is needed IV to be of enough benefit. He has to start getting fluids in a larger volume than he'd be willing to drink or that his stomach would handle. Dr. Dan
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you.