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Hiya, Is it possible to have a bad effect on

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Is it possible for Feliway to have a bad effect on cats? I had a three year old russian blue and we are introducing a new kitten into the house. The new kitten started peeing and so we put in three feliway duffusers to help everyone be happier. The first weekend our 3 yr old was dying to get into my mate's bedroom, which is always closed off and had no defuser. She spent hours scratching and screaming at the door. As the week progressed the three year old became worse, more aggressive, groaning and growling, not letting anyone touch her, cowering, hissing and lashing out at us. This is very out of character.
A few hours ago I unplugged all of the defusers and opened all the windows. Almost as soon as I did she came out and started smelling the wind, acting happier and sitting by us with a bit of petting. She's still growling at the wee one a bit but not lashing out.
Am I going crazy? many of my friends are saying it's highly unlikely and I know that correlation doesn't prove causation but with what I've seen, I really don't want to plug them back in, even if it means more trouble from the little one.
Hello, Great question, and you eloquently pointing out that it would be difficult to illustrate a direct coorelation is very important. Preparing an answer right now.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Hello, In my experience, I have yet to see any negative side-effect from this product. That includes both types of pheromone. In the States, there is a new pheromone designed for multiple cat households and intercat aggression, and then then other pheromone product for general stress/anxiety. I have not heard of an issue with either. Is it possible to cause a problem? Sure. We cannot say no. Perhaps there was too much of it in circulation, but that is only a theory on my part. One thing you could do is a challenge test. Example: When dermatology specialists are trying to rule-out if a pet has a food allergy, they will start a special food and wait up to 3 months to see if helpful. Now, if it works, how do we know it was the food or that the allergy didn't just subside? They do a challenge test and reintroduce the old food. So, you could elect to reintroduce the feliway and see if the problem returns. Otherwise, I am not aware of any problems using that product. Hope that information helpsDr. Andy
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