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I have 2, 3 year old Bengal cats that live indoors 90% of the

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I have 2, 3 year old Bengal cats that live indoors 90% of the time as they have a pen outside that we give them access to over the summer. Over the last 3 years I have tried 3 different flea treatments and one of my cats has had a bad reaction every time - Frontline - 3 days later ended up on a drip for 4 days after vomiting and have high enzymes in her urine, Bob Martin spot on - 4 days later very high temperature, lethargy and not eating for 2 days, Advocate - almost straight away, shaking, lethargy and not eating, my other cat also had a reaction to the Advocate similar but not as severe. I last treated them in Feb this year but since them have managed any fleas with combing and brushing. Now for some reasons both cats have been scratching and I have been finding fleas on them. I have been combing and also bathed both of them and seem to have got rid of the big fleas bit am still finding the small black ones. I have used Exner (natural flea treatment) which seems to kill the fleas but not the eggs. We thoroughly hoover daily and have washed all the bedding etc. I have bought some other natural flea treatments one my Dorwest which is a garlic tablet (is this safe to try) as well as a lotion that you comb into cats which contains some essential oils (once again is this safe to try) I know there are other chemical treatments but as you can imagine I am terrified to try them going on the reactions they have had previously. Please Help my local vets have been useless and I don't know what else to try.
Hello I am sorry to hear about your flea problem with Luna and Xia. My name is Rebecca. I am a veterinarinan and will do my best to help. Garlic is not safe for cats, but in the low doses in the flea product might be safe. I have not found it to be very effective. Many of the essential oils, particularly tea tree oil and lavender are also not safe for cats. The most effective and safe "natural" product I know is Buck Mountain parasite dust: Have you tried Advantage? It is a chemical, imidacloprid, but is supposed to be safe because it is only supposed to interrupt a neurotransmitter found only in insects; since cats and other mammals do not have this neurotransmitter, it is not supposed to affect them. Flea eggs are difficult to kill, as are the pupae form of the life cycle. You have to treat the environment with an IGR, insect growth regulator, or else clean and vacuum regularly. One good IGR is methoprene. You would have to remove the cats from the pen for awhile after treating it with an IGR. Let me know if this is helpful, and what other questions you have.
I hope you were able to see what I wrote. Is there anything else I can help with or answer?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes thank you, ***** ***** looked into the Advantage and although there are still some concerning reviews regarding side effects they are better than some I have read from the other treatments, so I will consider it going forward. I am going to try the Garlic tablets (they only contain a very small amount of actual Garlic oil) as I would still rather go herbal than chemical and see how it goes, I have looked into the parasite dust and I can only find it in America but havent searched that much so I am sure it can be purchased in the UK. Thank again for your advice
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just a quick question in regards ***** ***** oils do they have to be ingested to be dangerous or could they be used topically if diluted?
They are dangerous topically. Cats groom so much they ingest it anyway and it can be absorbed through skin as well.
Thank you for the good rating. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Rebecca