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My senior cat (16years) old had tumour removed from the side

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My senior cat (16years) old had tumour removed from the side of her mouth, almost two weeks ago. She has had a course of antibiotics, but has stopped eating, the vet originally said this is normal, once she is keeping hydrated, not too worry. This has been over 5 days, she is hungry and weak, she drinks alot of milk but will not eat we have tried syringe feeding her and liquidizing her food but she won't eat, i'm starting to think we shouldn't have had her operated on?
Please help?
Hi. Welcome to Just Answer. My name is***** and I've been a veterinarian for 15 years. I'm sorry to hear about this situation with your girl. Was the tumor inside of her mouth? How long ago did your vet last recheck her after the surgery? Did they send it off to find out what cancer it was? Is she currently on any medications?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Dr Bruce,
Yes the tumour was inside her mouth, i'm not sure as to what type of cancer it was but radiation was also used after removal. He issued her injections for 3 days after the surgery as we couldnt get her to take the tablet form of antibiotics and painkillers he issued. Her mouth is obviously extremely tender and sore but i would have hoped she would be feeling better by now. He is now away until after christmas break so i have no where else to turn
Thank you for all that information about your girl. After a surgery like that and local radiation therapy, the tissues in that oral cavity can be very painful and altered. Could there be still such great discomfort there that it is physically making eating that much of a task? That has to be a big consideration. As far as at home, the best you can do there is to continue to try and get calories into her through a gruel type of diet. This is something that is sometimes very difficult if they are painful in that oral cavity. It is good that she's still drinking and hopefully keeping up with hydration. I would hope that as she gets further out from the procedures that the tissues in the mouth would hopefully be healing and getting less painful. If she continues to not want to eat, one thing that can be done to help get calories into her is to place a feeding tube. I know this sounds drastic, but it can be a very quick procedure to have a tube that easily is utilized to get calories / medications into her while the oral cavity heals from the current injuries / trauma there. This may be something to talk to your vet about. With her assisted feedings, do make sure to warm the gruel a little so it is more palatable. Just make sure it isn't too hot. Could she need some more pain medications? That may be possible too but unfortunately there are no safe ones that an owner would have at home. I know you are questioning why you went through with all this. It is something a lot of owners do when a case isn't responding as well as hoped. It absolutely wasn't a wrong decision to do the things you've done. You are trying to help your girl to be comfortable and to have as good of a life as possible.
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