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RebeccaWe have agreed to purchase a stud toyger cat

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Hi RebeccaWe have agreed to purchase a stud toyger cat from Germany at the end of April. Our two female toyger cats live at my friend's house so we have decided to keep Chester at my home. We will be converting part of my large garage to provide a comfortable area for him with plenty of room to exercise and play and I will give him as much love and attention as I can. I have two elderly (13) border terriers who I hope will come to accept him in time so he will be able to come into my kitchen/conservatory. There is been mixed suggestions about whether I should adopt an older female neutered cat to keep him company. Chester is 6 months old and we wouldn't be using him as a stud until the end of the year. In your experience what do you think is the best solution? I hate to think of him being lonely although the garage is connected to the house and he will see comings and goings.Looking forward to hearing from you. I have attached a photo of Chester I hope you can open it.Jill/Users/jillowen/Desktop/IMG_6641.jpeg
Hello Jill, I could not open that link. I am sure he is beautiful. All cats are different and not all cats get along. Some like being alone but others hate it. Since Chester is young, he would probably like a companion, especially if he currently lives with other cats. If you don't mind taking care of another cat, a spayed female would be the best companion. I would not get one that is too old, maybe a year or so, since he is young and playful and would probably like a playful companion. Thank you for requesting me and let me know if I can help with anything else.
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