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Rebecca, Cat Veterinarian
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Rebecca On your advice (and that of our local vet and

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Hi Rebecca
On your advice (and that of our local vet and breeder friends) we sent our 8 month old toyger kitten to stud last week due to her frequent seasons. She didn't reject the male cat at all and was successfully mated several times. Since bringing her home she is continuing to call and is peeing around her room more frequently. Does this mean she is not pregnant or are there in instances where this happens?Regards
Hello, It is unusual for her to be still in heat if she was successfully mated. It could mean she is not pregnant. My searching online with reproduction specialists found few instances of this, and in the cases where it happened, the queen was not pregnant. Sorry she is having all these problems. You could have an ultrasound, or do a progesterone level (blood test) to see if she ovulated or not. Let me know what you find out.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks RebeccaWe thought it unlikely she would be pregnant. We are in no rush for her to have kittens, we were just concerned about the risk of pyometra with her having very frequent seasons, we won't test at this stage. We will try mating her again, possibly in about 3 weeks time when she comes into season again. She went to a vet friend's toyger stud cat so we know she will be well cared for, it was this friend who said she had experience of queens still calling whilst pregnant. We will let you know if she is pregnant.
Please do let me know. Thanks for the good rating.