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My cat has had a blood test & our vets think from the

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Hi my cat has had a blood test & our vets think from the results that he has pancreatitis he has had a number of pain relief injections & has been at the vets attached to a drip for 2 days. We have brought him home today & as the day has gone on he seems to be going downhill again. Any advice as to what we can do for him next as we are so worried about him. He is 11.


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I am sorry to hear about this concern for Bradley.

A few points to address:

1. Pancreatitis. If your vet is trying to diagnose pancreatitis off a regular blood test just using amylase and lipase pancreatic enzymes, that is not accurate at all. There is more specific testing that could be done that is far more accurate but can take a few days to get results.

2. Even if not pancreatitis, clearly Bradley is not doing very well. I have to assume the kidneys and liver are fine if they didn't mention any bloodwork changes for those organs to you.

3. Next testing that should be considered is an abdominal ultrasound. That would be great for checking the organs and a look at the pancreas, and it is non-invasive.

If going down hill, he will need to be hospitalized again. It is possible to manage pain at home. Vets will commonly prescribe the injectable pain medication called buprenorphine, which can be given orally in very small amounts. Very effective.

Also, a vet can teach you to give fluids under the skin (subcutaneously) at home. It is not quite as good as IV fluids, but it definitely can help prevent dehydration.

If he has been vomiting, ask the vet about a medication called Cerenia. It's a once a day anti-vomiting drug.

Also, if not eating or vomiting, its okay to give the antacid called Pepcid A.C. antacid. You give a cat 1/4 tablet of a regular strength 10mg tablet every 12 hours to help with stomach upset and nausea.

Wish I could do more, but hope that information helps

Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks. Our vets haven't mentioned any of this I think it's possibly time to change to a more forward thinking vet! Bradley was sick once about 12 days ago but not since. He seems to be interested in food but can't bring himself to eat much ( not like him as he has a good appetite normally)
Thanks for the advice.

You are welcome. Sorry for the tough situation.

My gut tells me that even if pancreatitis is a problem, it is not the only issue, at this age, contributing to the illness. So, a second opinion will be well worth it.

Good Luck!

Dr. Andy

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