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Dr. Bruce
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I found some light brown/ looking substance in my cat's

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I found some light brown/white looking substance in my cat's anus. It smelled like a belly button. He has never had any issues with pooping, this is very out of the usual for him. The cat is 4 years old and is an I door cat. He's been on the same dry and wet cat food for years, so it can't be that. Since he's an indoor cat, I grew some cat grass for him in the last month, and he eats a little of it almost every day. Mostly he just likes to stand or lye next to the grass, could he have fought something from the grass potentially?

HI. My name is***** Thank you for your question. Do you still have some of the material present that you can take a picture of and post it? Is he otherwise still eating and drinking normally? No vomiting? Are his stools looking normal?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm sorry I don't. It was an extremely small amount, i thought it was worms at first, that's how small it was. He has otherwise been eating and drinking normal as far as I can tell. And his stools look normal as well.

That is ok! It is good that he is otherwise eating and drinking normally. With his stools being normal too, the big suspicion here for what you saw was anal gland secretion. Cats have two glands by their rectal region that express material with the passage of stools. Pretty much it is never seen or an issue in a majority of cats. Sometimes though, they can have the material be a little thicker and when it is expressed it can cling by the rectal region and look like a small worm. Could it have been a small worm? Cats can have tapeworms too and this can look like little brown rice like things. What I think is a good idea here is to observe him for any more occurrence of this material and if seen again, take a picture or try to get the "thing" and put it in a bag to take to your vet. If it is anal gland secretions, then most likely nothing needs to be done. If it is tapeworms, then he would benefit from a deworming for them. Humans can't get tapeworms from their pets. The most common one in cats is from the eating of the intermediate host which is a flea.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It definitely wasn't worms, I'm guessing it was the anal glad secretions. We've had Rocket for 4 years and he's never had that on his butt before but I'll keep an eye on it and let you know and take a picture if it happens again. Thanks!