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Dr Christie
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I've been treating my cat for ear mites that he had when I

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I've been treating my cat for ear mites that he had when I adopted him. The vet says his ears are clear but he has black discharge in his ears again. Not sure what I should do

Hi this is Dr. Christie! I'd like to try and help Wotsit.

How are you treating Wotsit's ear mites?

Has he had an ear swab or ear cytology done by a vet to confirm the ear mites?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I used something called EarClear and warm olive oil. The vet just looked in them and said she saw nothing. I have photos of what they look like now if it's possible for you to receive them. I'm trying not to use insecticide.

Sometimes ear mites can reoccur if the initial infection wasn't cleared. It my be that Wotsit has been cleared of the ear mites but now may have a different infection such as yeast or bacteria. An ear swab performed by your regular vet is recommended. They can then look under a microscope or other potential causes. If yeast or bacteria are found, your vet can them prescribe the best treatment. Ear mites create such inflammation it is not uncommon for them to develop a secondary infection.

Until then, I would recommend cleaning Wotsit's ears withan ear cleaner for dogs and cats, available with your vet but also at pet stores. You can place it into the ear, massage thoroughly, and then use a tissue or cotton swab to remove the excess and the wax.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
oh so you don't want to see photos?

You can definitely post the photos!

Are you able to post the pictures?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
sorry here's the photos

Those are pretty good pictures! There is definitely some waxy discharge.

I would recommend having an ear swab and cytology with your regular vet to determine what is causing the discharge. It is possible there may still be some ear mites since the ear clear and olive oil will not kill the eggs. It may be that Wotsit has a secondary infection from the inflammation the ear mites caused. A simple course of the appropriate medication can help resolve the infection!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you have any further questions for me or anything you need me to specify or explain? I hope Wotsit's ears get better soon!

I hope you have a good day and best wishes for Wotsit!

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