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Dr. Joey
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My cat Russian accidentally mates with a bengal cat which is

Customer Question

Hi there. My cat white Russian accidentally mates with a bengal cat which is about 2kg larger than her and I am wondering if I would need to take her to a vet when she would be giving birth and if she will have problems giving birth due to kittens being oversized.
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. Bruce replied 6 months ago.

Hi. My name is***** Thank you for your question. This is one of those situations where she may have a normal natural birth all on her own. I've seen numerous cases where the male was a lot bigger than the female and the birth goes off with no issues. What I'd recommend here is having her seen by your vet around day 52 to have an x-ray done to get a kitten count. Knowing how many kittens are to be born is always good as that can let an owner know when the birthing is over. As far as her giving birth, you should watch for 1 hour of active, hard contractions with no kitten being born as the big indicator that your vet is needed to help things continue.