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Tom Crippen
Tom Crippen, Cat Veterinarian
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How often does a cat needs to be vaccinated. As I have been

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How often does a cat needs to be vaccinated.
As I have been told that a cat only needs vaccinated every 3rys
Thank you

Hi, my name is*****'m a vet in the UK. I notice your info says you are in the UK so I will assume this and talk about UK vaccinations. So we vaccinate routinely against 4 diseases in the UK - Calicivirus, Herpesvirus (both 'flu' viruses), Panleukopenia and Leukaemia.

These vaccines are very important - two of them unfortunately kill cats, two ('flu' viruses) can lead to severe long term problems in some cats.

The panleukopenia vaccine is licensed for three yearly vaccination protocols (after their kitten and first year full boosters)

The flu virus vaccine is given yearly

The leukaemia virus vaccine is given yearly - this vaccine is given to cats that go outside generally as risk of infection if low in house cats.

The flu viruses are very common, panlekopenia and leukaemia less so but they are so serious it is recommend vaccinating cats that go outside.

I hope that helps

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Thanks, Tom

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