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Dr L Simmon
Dr L Simmon, Cat Veterinarian
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I have a 9 week old kitten and she's not really weight

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Hi i have a 9 week old kitten and she's not really weight bearing on her right back leg. We went out to super market and came back and think she's slightly limping. We have had her a week and kept her in the one room that she is familiar in so far.
She's not meowing like shes in pain and she's just eaten some food and is purring and still climbing all over us and running but looks like she isn't putting all of her weight on it.
I'm worried she might have a sprain

Hi there, you are through to Dr Linda. Just a few minutes while I type my response.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
It's her back paw

Congratulations on your new kitten!

At 9 weeks of age, kittens are particularly prone to injuries as they are inquisitive and active but lack balance and common sense.

There are many things that can cause non weight bearing lameness, including a grazed pad, broken claw, strained muscle, fracture, dislocation etc. and without examining her it is impossible to know exactly what is going on. Indeed, even with examining her it can sometimes be tricky (especially in young, wriggly kittens) and we sometimes have to take an X-ray.

I would check her pads, in between her toes and her claws to ensure all is normal. Then gently flex and extend each joint to ensure she tolerates this and it is not too painful. Look for any swelling, wounds or source of heat.

If she has twisted or strained herself, she should be able to put some weight on the limb and it should get gradually better and better as the hours pass. You may notice when she is happy/excited she seems to forget it hurts and walks on it quite well. Many strains will resolve with a few days of rest.

Speed up healing by encouraging rest and preventing her jumping on and off things or running about. I appreciate this is tricky at her age!

If, however, things are not improving over the next short while, she is not putting any weight at all on the leg or she herself seems unwell (lethargic/depressed/off her food etc) it would be best to have her assessed. She may well need some pain relief/anti-inflammatories.

Hi there; just checking in to see how your kitten is doing? Any improvement?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi :) she pulled away when I was touching her paw and stsrted crying (normally ok with it) so I took her to an emergency vet but rhey were dealing with critical cases so they just told us to go home and if any worse go to our nornal vet tomorrow. She is still avoiding to weight bear and "hopping" around but is eating. I was worried because growing up i had a kitten break his leg at 3 months so just wanted to be safe. Kittens do get into mischief! Thank you :)

Thank you for the update. You certainly did the right thing by bringing her to the vet (which is never a wrong thing to do if you're worried!) it's just a shame that they were so busy- likely because it's the bank holiday. They do have an obligation to prioritise life-threatening cases so certainly, although a leg injury is a good reason to go to an emergency vet, I can understand their decision.

Fingers crossed after a good night's sleep she is back on all 4 paws tomorrow!

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Brilliant thanks for the reassurance. Take care