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She is 16 years old and until recently had no illness, this

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She is 16 years old and until recently had no illness, this last month she had ear mites which my vet has cleaned the ears out and we have had drops for two weeks. Since then she has just not been herself, she is eating and sometimes grooms herself but I know she is not right. Any ideas what the problem could be?
JA: I'll do all I can to help. There are all sorts of infestations the cat can pick up. I'll have you talk to the Veterinarian who'll sort out what is wrong and help you decide what to do about it. What is the cat's name?
Customer: Cats name is*****: Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about Molly?
Customer: Nothing that I can think of
Hi there, you are through to Dr Linda. Just a few minutes as I type my response
I'm sorry to hear Molly has not been herself.
Have we confirmed the ear mites have been successfully treated? Sometimes they linger and can lead to secondary ear infections which can cause cats to feel quite under the weather. I would want the vet to have checked the ears and taken a swab to examine under the microscope. It's important they look inside the ear with an otoscope as growths within the canal such as polyps are common at her age.
You are concerned she is not herself, can you be more specific? Has her appetite increased, has her thirst increased, any slowing down/stiffness, increase in vocalisation, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhoea or other symptoms you can think of?
At her age, we can certainly start to see a range of conditions developing such as arthritis, liver or kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure etc etc
Typically, in a senior cat that is not right we would run some basic blood and urine work to rule in or out these more common conditions. These are straight forward tests that are easy to do during a routine consult and we are usually able to have results within a day or two. Even if the tests do not show anything is wrong, it is useful to have them done at her age for peace of mind. Similarly, blood pressure check can be done at the same time (and is done in the same way as we have ours checked with a cuff on the arm).
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** be on the safe side I will take Molly to the vet and have blood and urine tests done.
Fab. Please feel free to keep me updated on how things go and to ask any further questions you may have. Wishing you and Molly all the best!
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