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Why is my cat's abdominal area lying on his back feet? Also,

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Why is my cat's abdominal area lying on his back feet? Also, why has he been eating his fur off from this area, including the insides of his back legs? It almost grew back to normal, but it has started again. See photos.
Hi there, you are through to Dr Linda.
This would appear to be excess fatty tissue. This is one of the most common locations for it to build up and we often see it as a cat gets a little older, especially if they have been neutered.
Cats groom excessively and cause baldness for a number of reasons including:
Parasitic infections, allergies, cystitis and stress.
It is important to ensure he is up to date with a strong external parasite prevention e.g. Advocate and to make sure any other pets and the home are also treated.
If he is a nervous cat, consider reducing stress with e.g. a Feliway plug in, lots of mentally stimulating thing such as good puzzles and perhaps some calming supplements.
Watch out for any signs of cystitis e.g. spending more time in the litter tray or peeing in drips and drops.
Allergies can be tricky to diagnose and treat but, if all else fails, consider a hypoallergenic diet and / or allergy testing.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for this detailed answer. Here are more photos. You can see the fur gone from the abdomen, the side, and also the knee. This was January. Like I said, it grew back almost completely, but now he has started again. It is nowhere as bad as shown in these photos, but it is on the way.As regards ***** ***** tissue, yes he does seem to have developed two lobes that hang down on either side of his stomach/abdomen area, parallel to his body. You are saying that this is nothing to be concerned about?He was on Invermectin last November for ear mites and also what seemed like Mange (where he got the latter from is a mystery as he is an indoor cat and I take him for walks with collar and lead). We do meet two other cats, but physical interaction is rare, and they don't have mange.Initially, I thought that the Invermectin caused the fur loss, as it started at around the same time as he received the treatment. Anyway, I got a second opinion and this vet suggested using another anti-parasite product called here in Italy, Credelio Lotilaner, for three months. After that, the fur started to grow back. I thought it was a coincidence, to be honest.Can the latter finish off parasites that Invermectin somehow misses?Also, he does appear to have GI issues. I have him on Hills GI foods at present, but he also seems to really like the Food Sensitivity ones (which I bought by accident). I then realized that food sensitivities are closely related, and can in fact cause fur loss. So, I continue to buy him a little of that too since he loves it.
Oh, and I have him back on the Credelio now for one month, but it does not seem to be stopping the fur loss, at least so far.Any thoughts on all of this?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I think an allergy may have developed to a food that he was getting for years. He seemed miserable in the last months of last year. Once I started him on the food sensitivity food, and then the GI one which is what he gets primarily now, he seems very happy and back to the way he used to be.
Correct , the fatty tissue is not concerning but indicates he may need to trim down a little.
As the fur loss last happened in winter, environmental allergens such as grass/pollen would be less likely but we could still be dealing with an allergy.
Ivermectin will.not be effective against fleas while credelio is and the most common parasite to cause over grooming is fleas so if the 3 month period is up, I would treat for fleas once again. As well as the credelio, we must deep clean the home (hoover, hot wash bedding, flea spray, treat any other pets etc).
He is gorgeous by the way!
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much. That is very helpful advice indeed. And you are right: he definitely is! :-)