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Dr L Simmon
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My cat Alfie is one year old, he vomited this evening right

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Hi, my cat Alfie is one year old, he vomited this evening right after his dinner, he vomited a hairball. It was happened two weeks ago too, this is the second time. He is eating, sleeping, playing, pooing and peeing as normal. He is long haired, he is not shedding too much, I am grooming him everyday. But he is obsessed to eat loose hairs, and carpet hairs as well. I am hovering the floors everyday to reduce the amount of loose hair. I am concerning for both him vomiting hairball, and his habit of eating loose hairs. Could you please help me what should I do? is there any past or supplement I can give him to help for passing hairballs, and is there anything i can do to stop him eating lose hairs? Is there anything right now should i do to help him feel better after his vomiting?
Many thanks advance!

Hello, you are through to Dr Linda, a UK based vet with 8 years experience in small animal practice.

I'm sorry to hear Alfie hasn't been quite right this evening.

As long has he has normal breathing, his eating well and not losing weight, the odd hair ball is normal in a long haired cat.

Cats naturally shed more at this time of year so 2 in 2 weeks isn't abnormal.

I would advise a Furminator brush (or similar) and would brush him twice daily in Spring and Summer.

You can also get a food that helps prevent hair balls e.g. Royal Canin Hairball Care.

A paste called Katalax is good to use to help clear any hair balls.

For now, I would just give him water over night and then a bland meal of e.g. chicken and rice in the morning.

I hope this helps!

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you very much, it is really helpful, have a great night!

Happy to help, take care!