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Dr L Simmon
Dr L Simmon, Cat Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Veterinarian MVB MRCVS
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She's old but suddenly limp not eating or drinking, Energy

Customer Question

She's old but suddenly limp not eating or drinking
JA: I'll do all I can to help. When did you first notice this decrease in the cat's appetite? How is her energy level?
Customer: Energy low has been for about a week Seen the vet was slightly constipated
JA: Does the cat seem to be in any pain?
Customer: No Reduced urine output but bladder fulll
JA: And what's the cat's name and age?
Customer: Princess 14
JA: Is there anything else the Vet should know about Princess?
Customer: Recently diagnosed severe kidney failure however has been pu and appears hydrated
Submitted: 8 days ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

Hello, you are through to Dr Linda, a UK based vet with 10 years of clinical experience working out of West London. It will be my pleasure to help you today.

I'm sorry to hear to this and understand your concern for Princess.

When did she the vet?

Do you know what stage of kidney failure she has?

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
She last saw the vet Thursday she was sedated as we thought she was constipated. Diagnosed kidney problems Monday when they did bloods due to her not eating. Now it's like she hasn't come out of the sedation from Thursday. Limp, fluids via syringe very weak but appears hydrated bladder appears full and heart strong and regular breathing patterns normal responsive at times but very weak and lethargic
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

Bless her, ok.

Do you happen to have the blood results you could attach, or do you know how severe her kidney disease is?

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
No sorry but the urea and creatinine were apparently off the scale
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

Ok, thank you.

Has she been eating or drinking by herself at all since this?

Has she had any vomiting?

Is she passing urine?

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Not eating or drinking by herself. Hasn't passed urine since yesterday morning. No vomiting and doesn't appear in pain
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

Thank you, ok.

Before typing my reply is there anything else I should know?

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
She has been out on pronefra since Tuesday and laxatract but had none yesterday and has had one mitazapine 3mg had one on Friday
Customer: replied 8 days ago.
2mg mirtazapine sorry
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

Thank you, ok.

Please bear with me as I compose my reply.

Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

I'm very sorry Princess is so poorly and know you will be very concerned.

The fact she has not passed urine since yesterday morning is a huge red flag and may mean her kidneys are no longer filtering and are not working.

Similarly, the complete lack of thirst and appetite (when a cat with kidney failure does not drink we are very alarmed) could indicate a severe toxin build up and nausea.

Given the fact her kidney enzymes were elevated, it may be that she has not tolerated the sedation and her body was not able to deal with the drugs as it should have been, due to her kidney disease.

She sounds acutely unwell and I do not think she is well enough to manage from home I'm afraid.

This is a true emergency and she needs to see an out of hours vet right away.

She may need interventions including high rate intravenous fluids and injectable medicine.

Sadly, it could be that she is in the end stage of kidney failure and that treatment will not be effective.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Ok thank you. Her bladder appears full though but it's a tough call as to what to do for the best as she appears comfortable and no change in 2 days really
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

If her bladder is full and she is not passing urine, there is an additional concern of a blockage due to e.g. a stone or mass.

At this point, I'd strongly encourage a vet check now. If she is not eating or drinking, not passing urine and is very weak, this is a true emergency.

Even if in pain, she would not likely show any obvious signs (like yelping).

More likely than pain, she is fatigued, weak, nauseous and feels discomfort.

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Ok thank you for your help and advice
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

Not at all and I'm sorry she has been poorly.

Do you have any further questions this morning for me?

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
No thank you
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 8 days ago.

Sure thing and take care.

Wishing Princess all the very best.

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