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Dr L Simmon
Dr L Simmon, Cat Veterinarian
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My cat has something weird going on with his nose I was

Customer Question

Hello, my cat has something weird going on with his nose I was wondering if you could help
JA: Hi there. The Vet will be able to answer your question, plus any follow-ups you may have. What's the cat's name and age?
Customer: My cat's name is ***** ***** he's going to be 9months this month on the 25th
JA: Is there anything else the Vet should know?
Customer: He's a tuxedo cat, he normally has a light pink nose, at the moment it looks a little inflamed, it doesn't seem to hurt him or bother him but he also has a slightly swollen upper lip on the left side
Submitted: 5 days ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr. Joey replied 5 days ago.

Hello I am Dr. Joey. Thanks for asking your question and trusting me to help you and your pet today. I am a licensed veterinarian with over 20 years of experience.

I'm sure you are so worried about this!!

As a note, Just Answer will automatically offer you a phone call - that is not from me and is not always helpful - nor I am not always able to take a phone call - so please don't accept without checking in via text first.

To start, can you send a picture of his nose?

Expert:  Dr. Joey replied 5 days ago.

I am going to go offline so I am going to opt out and hope that you can upload a picture and another vet can jump on with some advice for you.

Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 5 days ago.
Hi there, you are through to Dr Linda, a UK based vet with 10 years of clinical experience.I'm sorry to hear this and appreciate your concern.
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 5 days ago.
When did this start?Could you please upload a clear photo?
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 4 days ago.

Hi there, could you see my reply?

Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 4 days ago.

It looks like you may be offline. Without further information or a photo it is difficult for me to provide the best advice but I will certainly try. Please reply when you can and we can continue the conversation.

Inflammation in this area could have several causes including:

  • A rodent ulcer or eosinophilic plaque (allergic reaction)
  • A trauma due to e.g. a scratch or bite
  • A swelling due to an insect bite
  • A foreign body under the skin 
  • Etc.

If signs have not resolved, a vet visit is important, so we can determine what is going on.

Edward's treatment will depend on what is found and may include e.g. antibiotics and anti inflammatories.

At home, use a buster collar to stop rubbing if needed.

I'd also bathe the area with salt water twice daily.

Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 4 days ago.

Any further questions are welcomed.

Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 4 days ago.

I hope I was able to answer your question fully.  To add me as a favourite, after rating me you can go to your ‘My Questions’ page and use the heart icon labelled ‘Favourite Expert’. If you would like to ask me another question in the future, you can add me as a Favourite Expert then type @</bCustomerat the start of your next chat.

Any future questions will be welcomed.

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