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Richard, Electronics Engineer
Category: Mobile Phones
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Experience:  Avid repairer and trouble shooter of Cell Phones
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Dear Technician,I have three Samsung "Fold-up" mobile teleph

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Dear Technician,

I have three Samsung "Fold-up" mobile telephones, the models being as follows:

SGH-A800, a silver phone audio only using 0.25 jack 3-pole to Earphone and cord suspended Microphone from adjoining cord.
SGH-E710, a silver phone audio with inbuilt camera using 0.25 jack 4-pole to Earphone and
cord suspended microphone from adjoining cord.
SGH-ZV40, a metallic pink phone audio with inbuilt camera using a "flat" plug, black and
silver 1cm in width for Earphones, 2 no. and suspended microphone from adjoining cord.

I wish, if possible to use a newly acquired "Pop Phone "Retro" handset, fashioned in
different colours like the old disc-dial Post Office landline telephone Hand-held "recievers.
These "Pop Phone" handsts use a 4-pole jack 3.5mm male connector.

I am looking for jack/adaptors or any kind of assortment of bits and pieces to couple-up
the Pop Phone handset with any of my three Samsung "fold-ups".

I will be grateful if you can give me information on which "electrical bits" I need to buy
to make the connections. It is my wish to use the Pop Phone for that longer call to
avoid having the phone's radiation entering my head, causing slight head-aches and itching in my inner ears.

Thank-you kindly for any advise offered.

Noel Smith
Thank you for your question, my name is Richard.

If I understand correctly, you need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter correct?

Such as this one?

Click me to view

Please let me know.

Thank you
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