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nathan_mills, Cell Phone Salesperson
Category: Mobile Phones
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I have lost everything on my HTC4G phone. I dropped it, it

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I have lost everything on my HTC4G phone. I dropped it, it turned on and somehow the side bar (volume bar normally) was pressed and a whole display of small type choices appeared. I must have pressed the side bar again when holding the phone to turn it off. I turned it back on and everything had gone my contacts, photos, recordings etc. etc. What have I done and how can I restore it. Help. Susan
Hello. Welcome to justanswer.You have done a hard reset on your mobile phone. It wipes up all the data. Have you backed up your data somewhere?
If yes, then go to RESTORE from HTC Backup on the Transfer or Restore screen. You must sign in from the same account that you used while backing up your phone before.
Revert for further assistance.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The answer is I don't know whether it was a hard reset or not. Is it remotely possible that any data is saved internally rather than on the SIM card? Otherwise I would have to accept that a hard reset has been accidentally done.

Sorry to inform you that it is impossible to recover your data after doing a hard reset. And it can only be restored if the data has been backed up online. Otherwise that data is lost.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Nathan I have clicked on each APP and found most empty ie., NO DATA, but under PEOPLE I have about 10 contacts left and also under TASK MANAGER, PEOPLE is listed with 15MB, MESSAGES 14MB nd INTERNET 5MB, but when I click on them there Is nothing. total memory 380mb with a green line indicating usage. SO WHERE IS IT? Answer me this one please if you can. Thank you so very much, clutching at straws for a positive answer. Susan

The contacts that are left must have been stored in SIM card memory, that is why they are there. And the memory you are talking about is the Cache memory. Check if there are any messages stored in your sim. After hard reset only the default apps remain in your phone.
To copy contacts between the device memory and SIM card, follow these steps:
1. From any Home screen, tap the Applications icon.
2. Scroll to and tap Contacts.
3. Tap the Menu menu key.
4. Tap Import/Export.
5. Tap Import from SIM card.
6. Scroll to and tap to select the contacts you want to copy.
For restoring the data, I would suggest you to log in to your Google account in your phone and under "Settings" you will get ACCOUNT AND SYNC. Sync all the data and check if you get any data from there.
If this also fetches you with no result then the last shot would be to check if there is any data synced with the computer system. You must be having HTC Sync Manager on your computer. Follow these steps:
1. Connect your phone to your computer.
2. In HTC Sync Manager, click Home > TRANSFER & BACKUP.
3. Under Backup and restore, click Restore.
4. Select a backup file to restore from.
5. Choose whether to replace existing content on your phone with the content from the backup file.
6. Click Restore Now.
Fingers crossed. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Nathan you have been really great. I am in the UK at the moment, and my main computer is in Australia, so when I return there I will carry out all the steps you mentioned and as you say keep my fingers crossed OR accept the loss somehow. Best regards ***** ***** your fee now. Susan

Thanks Susan and have a nice day. Cheers!
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Regards Nathan
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Hi Susan,
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