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I cancelled my provider O2 (Samsung Galaxy S iii mini) six

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I cancelled my provider O2 (Samsung Galaxy S iii mini) six months ago and moved to Three for a better reception. A few weeks ago, the mobile stopped working and i took it for repairs at the original shop of purchase 02, some thirty miles away.
When i tried to use the mobile , it asked for an imei/iccid which i took from the new sim card supplied by Three. I typed the number which was on the replacement sim card and now the mobile is asking for sim network unlock pin . The only numbers on the pin card are : first line : 02044 ; second line : 002 ; third line 684 ; fourth line : GA68100
I have also found a different number : a delivery note from Three which says serial numbers IMEI/ICCID 8944200102044002684.
I am thoroughly confused ! an no expert on all this new technology .....
Hello. My name is***** can help you with your question. This is very unusual – the problem that you're having now is a problem that should have appeared 6 months ago when you tried using the phone on a different network. You are on the right track with wanting to unlock the phone. Your phone is what is called "Sim locked". The network password ***** pin that is required is something that is given to you by the original carrier that sold the phone. Normally, as long as the phone is paid off, which in the UK is usually the case, the original carrier should be willing to give you the pin code to unlock the device. I cannot explain why it has worked for 6 months before stopping. Are you certain that the gave you back the same phone that you dropped off for repair? Mike
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
02 returned phoned with original simcard in it saying "phone is fixed" etc..... Quotesd from letter " .... can be a bit tricky setting your phone back after it has been away for a repair ............. so give us a call on 01603 26991 ..... The weird thing about letter is that they seemed to assume I was still with the 02 network which was not the case, henc e did not phone back. I rang Three instead but frankly there are times when these oral exchanges are far from satisfactory : the outcome was the sending of a new Three simcard which I duly put in and according to the person I spoke " all problems would be solved ! "I am now wondering whether the problem lies with the new Three simcard provided and whether to insert the old one ( which I still have)I have two alternatives : a) ring the number given by 02 or b) try with the old simcardI confirm that I completed the purchase of the mobile when I left 02 . My direct debit to 02 was cancelled six months ago and debits from Three occur monthly. The weird thing is that the mobile has always continued to show thedisplay as "02" .Thanks for answer.