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Eric, Android Expert
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Sony Xperia Z wont switch on, little robot/alien with red

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Sony Xperia Z wont switch on, little green robot/alien with red sign on front just appears?

Hey there, my name is ***** ***** I will personally be assisting you today! I will do all I can to provide you with excellent service and answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Please give me a moment to review your posted question.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi Eric

Alright, this is not a good sign as it indicates corrupt data in the firmware itself. Now, that does not mean it is not possible to fix, but the chances are smaller than with other issues. The good news, is that if we cannot resolve it, the phone will be replaced by your carrier for no fee.

Give me a moment and I will put together some instructions to get you started :)

Which model Z is it? Z3, Z5, etc?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Sorry i have very little money so this will have to do. How has the software become corrupted?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.

It is nothing you did, it unfortunately happens to about 0.5% of all devices (not just yours, ALL mobile devices).

We should be able to resolve it though, no worries, there is a good chance we can get it back to running soon. I am putting together the instructions for you now :)

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thanks Eric, i

No problem, give me a moment as there is much to type out.

Thank you for allowing me to help you today! Please keep in mind the only way the site credits me with assisting you is if you rate my service to you, so please take 2 seconds to do so. If for ANY reason you feel my service has not been anything but excellent, please let me know before rating :)

First thing first, please go here to Sony's website and download the Xperia Companion Tool, install it on your PC and then run it.

  1. Open Xperia Companion
  2. Choose "Support Zone" and click Start
  3. It will install the needed drivers and software now on your PC
  4. From your next options, choose Phone/Tablet Software Update
  5. Choose "Repair my phone/tablet"
  6. Follow all the prompts and accept the agreements
  7. You will see a list of devices, choose yours
  8. Follow the prompts to reinstall the firmware on your device.

That should be it. IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE PROBLEMS, let me know so I can continue to assist you :)

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Of course I'll rate u well but if it works is another matter, i think the problem with this solution which I'd kinda workedout myself is all settings etc is lost...
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Can uvemail me that page thanks for trying!

Not necessarily :)

Yes, some data will be lost, but MOST of your settings and data will re-sync to the device after you sign back in with your Google account (the SAME ONE that is on it now)

Eric and 2 other Mobile Phones Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hi Eric, just some feedback on my question and yr answer ane to ask if Just answer offer refunds?
As I said I'd pretty much worked out the problem and the sony companion solution before emailing you, but I was hoping for a solution that didnt mean losing the data.
In the end we found one, turns out Google are very aware of this glitch in their updare program but as they see it as 'old' they arent willing to fix it...
Fortunately their are many computer savvy folk on line who hav3 worked outva patch to unlock the phone and get in and sort it out.
A young guy at the ee shop did it for us.
So is their any chance of a refund? Not of your £3tip but what I paid to Just answer? Seems a bit of a rip off if they simply get paid for giving any answer, no matter how effective it is or available elsewhere online free?
Hope u can help, as I mentioned in our initial chat we have very little money and the answer didnt really seem worth £15.00
Thanks Rahina