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I took my Chrysler Voyager LE (1996, 110,000 miles) to National

Customer Question

I took my Chrysler Voyager LE (1996, 110,000 miles) to National Tyre & Autocare (In the UK) for a tune up and service plus to repair a shock and horn. By not performing a normal, routine visual and diagnostic check of the engine before commencing work, National Autocare mechanics began changing parts like plugs and wires etc. and had the car for two days. They then called me on the second day and said the engine had seized up and had no oil in the engine. (The insurance company of National Autocare inspected the engine and said there was a small oil leak, which was clearly visible.) The garage was negligent not to notice the oil leak before performing the work. Are there any other procedures in replacing the plugs, etc. that are possible to cause this engine seizure as well? (I am told the manifold and other parts must be removed to change the rear plugs and only qualified mechanics should perform this procedure plus this is an American made car.) National Autocare gave me no estimate of labor or costs and began work without giving me an analysis of the condition of the engine. National Autocare is now telling me they are not responsible, collect the vehicle, and pay for the labor plus parts!! Before, the vehicle ran very well with regular service history from my normal garage, which were booked up; therefore, I took it to National Autocare. What a mistake!!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Greg replied 5 years ago.
Hi .

My first question and very important one .

When you delivered the car was the service done on the first day (oil and filter change )
or was the oil and filter not changed with the service ,tune up.

Quote : "National Tyre & Autocare (In the UK) for a tune up and service plus to repair a shock and horn." Oil and filter would of been changed ,did they forget to fill .

If this engine with its "oil leak" as they say was losing oil, then this you would notice as this engine when gets low of only two (2) Ltr, will start to make the hydraulic lifters chatter .now if you did not notice this then oil level was most likely ok .

This does sound fishy what's happened, as after two days they then ring you and say the engine has just sized .

I smell negligence here with this issue .

I suggest you get in a layer and see what your chances are here .

Need further assistance then please get back to me .

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Rgds Greg

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. In response to your question, National Autocare worked on the car the first day but did not check the oil unti the engine seized up on the second day...then they called me. The didn't check or analyse anything the first day but started replacing parts like plugs and removing the manifold, etc. When I took the Chrysler in to National Autocar, fhe engine was running fine except for missing a bit when the engine warmed up. I agree with you and others, if the engine was low on oil as they said, 1) they should have heard the lifters making noise, 2) they should have routinely checked the engine oil level before commencing work, and 3) they should have noticed any leaks from a normal, routine, pre-check of the engine and notified me before commencing work (Their insurance company clearly noticed a leak after the incident). I am also not ruling out the possibility of damage due to unqualified service mechanics whom may place the blame to another cause. In any of these instances, as professionals automotive mechanics, they showed negligence which resulted in the seizure of the engine.
Expert:  Greg replied 5 years ago.
Hi Byron .

Its is a difficult case with one side saying one thing and the other saying another .

But you have more legs to stand on as its a proven issue that the lifters will make a lot of noise ,they where the ones that said it was "low on oil" ,they would of had a better leg to stand on if the oil level was okay and it just sized .

All vehicles get there fluids and engine oils checked before we start to work ,as this will help us on any diagnostic checks, and also let the customer know that they have an oil leak and the oil level is dangerously low and this issue should be taken case of now, ,(Money in my pocket and the customer is happy)

Rgds Greg