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My 2003 Grand Voyager XS CRD Limited will not engage reverse.

Customer Question

My 2003 Grand Voyager XS CRD Limited will not engage reverse. Is this a linkage issue or will a flush out and renewal of the gear oil do the trick?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Is this a Manual or Automatic gearbox?


has this been sudden fault or one thats been progressively worse?


Can it be selected with or without the engine running if a manual box?


any other gears effected or going the same way?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi. This is a manual box. Bought the car on Saturday. Progressively got worse. However, the wife said she could engage reverse without the clutch today (engine running, foot on brake). I have some trouble myself, but with a firm whack with the clutch down I can get reverse after a couple of attempts. Cheers. Scott.

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

Hi.. there thanks for getting back..


If you where able to select reverse without the use of the clutch ie: just presed the brake etc..then its possibily likly you may have a clutch should really hear it crunch especially in reverse the minute you try to get it it like any other gear - just like if you miss the gear and such like..since the clutch is still engaged with the engine when running and hasnt cleared/disengaged enough to allow to you select the next gear if you see what i saying..of course there could well be an issue with the clutch hydraulic side in which you may have faulty slave cylinder maybe binding etc but you would expect that in all but most gears bar just reverse which i asume it just on.If you can get reverse much easier with the engine off and selects ok at the gearbox as appossed to the engine running then that can be a clear indiation of either a clutch fault or the hydraulic clutch relese side isnt able to clear the clutch properly.selector cables would also be one other area to check on too in that maybe one of the ends of the cable at the gearbox selector arm maybe worn out or under the gearstick in the car in which both ends of the selector cables are attached and thus causes to much play at that ends or one of the cables may have stretched or sticking but again you would expect that to effect not only inc reverse but maybe the other gears that cable out of the two not so sure on the oil as again you would expect that in all gears awsell as first maybe too and you would hear a definate grind.of course oil loss can be either one or two things either leaking out from seals on the box ie:- input shaft/driveshafts at the diff or the gearbox has been removed or one of the driveshafts and the gearbox never filled back up properly so maybe a little low on maybe looking back any recent work maybe worth doing..i do hope this helps