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Brake not able to bleed the rear brakes

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Hi any one got any idel why I'm not able to bleed the rear brakes on a dodge b250 van
Thanks Steve
Hello, welcome. My name is***** will do my very best to assist you with your question. I apologize if you have been waiting long for a response.
What part was changed, or are you just bleeding the brakes?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
About three years ago I replaced the master cilinder and the front callipers
Also the rear wheel cilinders one frount driver side ruber and stell line
The paso gear side ruber line also the rear lines across the axel
Then bled the brakes they worked ok but not as good as they should be
Until I had to have pas it's mot then I could not get the parking brake to pass the test replaced the rear drums still no god tried to blead the brakes
That's when I could not get the brak fluid out the rear brakes
Sorry about the long story but hop it helps
Thanks Steve
Ok from what you have replaced already and the fact that they still won't bleed, this issue is consistent with one of the brake lines leading from the master cylinder being collapsed or restricted causing limited fluid to the rear. The brake lines will need to be checked as a next step.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi ***** ask if your in the USA ?
Thanks Steve
Yes I am in the us but I have experience with the b250. Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks it would not have made any difference if you had not been
In the us I am in the uk do you know a good parts supplier that ships to
The uk can I pay you by PayPal as a way of sending you a bit extra $
Thanks Steve
The sites that I know will send to the uk from the us is and, not sure of any others. Yes my paypal address is***@******.*** Thank you.
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