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where and how doyou replace the thermostat on 04 chrysler grand

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where and how doyou replace the thermostat on 04 chrysler grand voyager 2.5l diesel
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Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Place a drain pan under the radiator drain and drain the cooling system to just below the thermostat level. Close the drain.
3. Remove the upper radiator hose from the thermostat housing, then remove the housing.
4. Remove the thermostat and discard the gasket.
Make certain the bolt threads are clean. Threaded bolt holes exposed to coolant are subject to corrosion and should be cleaned with a small wire brush or correct size thread-cutting tap. Install the housing, making sure the thermostat is still in the recess, and tighten the retaining bolts to 105 inch lbs. Reconnect the upper radiator hose and tighten the hose clamp.
5. Connect the negative battery cable.
6. Fill and bleed the engine cooling system with a clean 50 / 50 mixture of ethylene glycol antifreeze and water.
Make sure the radiator is full and start the vehicle.
Do not remove the radiator cap once the vehicle is warm. Coolant is under pressure and may cause scalding or personal injury.
8. Run the vehicle until the thermostat opens. Check the coolant level in the overflow tank and fill if necessary.
9. Pressure test for leaks.
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