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Category: Clock Repair
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Experience:  Internet Researcher, Clock Enthusiast.
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Another one Do you have a drawing of the urgos vw 32/2??? #

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Hi Paul, another one for you
Do you have a drawing of the urgos vw 32/2???
# ***** urgos clock movement, no jewels. the one in my grandmother clock will not chime the correct number.

Hi Sean,

I don't know the movement off hand, but here are some things to try.
1. Let's say that the clock has just begun to strike 10. Quickly move the minute hand ahead to just after 11. Did that change the error by one hour, or half an hour? If so, repeat as needed.
2. Remove the minute hand and examine the hour hand.

  • Does it have a round hole that presses onto the tapered tube? Move it to the correct place.
  • Is there a square hole in the middle of a circular piece of metal that's pressed into the hand? That's a bushing and it's meant to slip. Insert the square tang of a small file into the hole and apply torque. The bushing will slip.
  • If a square hole is simply punched into the metal hand, don't try to force it.

If none of the above works, let me know. :)

PaulB and other Clock Repair Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok i'll get them to give it a try
thanks Paul :)