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a month ago bt fount 2 faults on my land line ,i was without

Customer Question

a month ago bt fount 2 faults on my land line ,i was without phone for 5 weeks .bt.decided to put new wire\phone socket in house stating it was their fault.teusday just gone iv had broadband with bt .now my phone\broardband won.t work together.on same filter but will both work on their own .my daughter was on her mobile for nearly 3 hours yesturday .first there is a fault then there isn.t and i need someone out to sort it if fault is in house i have to pay over 100pounds i am unable to speak
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer Hardware
Expert:  Carl Day replied 4 years ago.

Carl Day :


Thank you for using Just Answer my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help with your question.

I think it is unlikely the fault is in your house, I had to have BT out this week and they told me there was no fault on my line, I agreed that I would pay the fee is fault was found to be in my house (I knew it wasn't) Engineer came and spent 3 hours sorting the phone and broadband out, the fault was an underground cable about a mile from my house.

Do you have any extension sockets in your house?

Does you phone have a dial tone?