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Chris R.
Chris R., Computer Tech
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IP address conflict. Windows 7 machines on a home network. Machine

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IP address conflict.

Windows 7 machines on a home network.
Machine 1 Ethernet to Router
Machine 2,3,4 Wireless connection
Printer connected to router via ethernet
iPads and iPhones via wifi

Router issues IP addresses

wifi keeps on dropping on machines (signal bar has yellow triangle on it)

Windows error message:
Windows has detected an IP address conflict. Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details in the Windows System event log.

Please can I have helping accessing the log and fixing the error?


Chris R. :

Hello my name isXXXXX and I would be happy to assist you today.

Chris R. :

It is hard for me to tell by your question exactly how you have your home network set up. Exactly how many routers are you using?

Chris R. :

Are you there?

Chris R. :

There could be an issue with our chat service so I am going to switch us over to the regular format. Please post a message to me when you are ready. Thank you.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Chris

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

One Router - a Netgear D6200


And Netgear Wifi Extenders WM3000RP push button locked to router.


Netgear D-Link too, but as the house has a couple of mains circuits, these to are unreliable?


An IP address conflict means that one or more of your computers are using the same IP address on your network. This can happen if one of the computers is being given a static ip, or if there is more than one DHCP server handing out addresses. Let me get back to you in few minutes as I want to familiarizes myself with the Netgear router and extender you are using.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, I looked that over. Which computer is giving you the ip conflict notice? This could be tricky to figure out without actually being there. You have your router DHCP server enabled and your Windows machines are set to automatically accept a new ip address?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Its the laptop I'm on.


Have IP6 ticked which time not sure about.


IP config as in 1st dropbox link ...





I think it would be best if we did a Team Viewer session. This way I can see at least some things from the one computer. By the screenshot you showed me it looks like you have some network devices that are not on the same network. Everything should be in the same network.

Want to do the TeamViewer? If so go to and download the program. Install it and then let me know your id and password XXXXX I can join you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

335 313 365




Thank you for your patience as I looked over things for you. Take a look at things again and if you have questions or something you want me to look into just let me know. Thank you.

Chris R