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I have a laptop that has no USB devices directly connected

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I have a laptop that has no USB devices directly connected to it.

It is on a wireless network.

There is a continual noise every few seconds that would sound like a USB device was being continually plugged and unplugged.

Any thoughts on how to identify the problem and stop the noise?

Device manager says my Netgear D6200 Router Driver software not properly installed.

Hi there,

This isn't just a USB event noise. If there's a device dropping in and out of Device Manager, mostly likely due to driver issues, then you will hear this noise too - even when nothing is physically being attached or disconnected from the laptop.

It seems your laptop is making the noise every time it attempts to install the driver for the Netgear D6200 device.
If you aren't using the device, then uninstall or disable it in Device Manager to stop the annoying sound. If you are using it, then you will need to install the correct driver.
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