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Chris R.
Chris R., Computer Tech
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I Am The Proprietor Of My Own Computer Co. In Christchurch

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I Am The Proprietor Of My Own Computer Co. In Christchurch Dorset. The question I ask is can you supply me with spare parts for an LG Super Multi Blue BD Writer. The reason I ask is that a good customer of mine has had his inlet sata power and line input Board burnt due to a very small piece of metal crossing the power socket input, burning it out. The fuse blow in the power supply so everything else after testing seems to be OK. I believe a New board would solve the problem for him having to buy a new complete LG Blue Ray Writer. Can you please help ?. Thanking you for your attention in this matter. R M XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXX 2, XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXX Phone: *********** *********** Email***@******.***: ***********

Hello my name is***** and I would be happy to assist you today. We do not personally sell any sort of hardware on this site. We are here to only offer assistance for certain technical issues. Based on what you described to me, it would seem the best thing to do is get a new PCB board for the drive. You can try doing a search on the internet for someone that sells these parts. I did a quick search and they are being called Logic boards. If you give me the model of the drive I can try and help you find it. If the part can not be found on the internet the only options left will be to try and repair the board(which may or may not be possible) or replace the entire drive.

If you want me to see if I can help you find the part over the internet reply back to me with the model number and I will do a little research.

Thank you.

Chris R
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks allot Chris R.

I am just started in christchurch from Uni and need some help like you to get started.

Thanks for your help, it sounds good advice.

The model of the LG is a Blu-ray Rewiter MODEL:BH10LS30. I have a SN. Number if required

Manufactured March 2010 so it may be difficult to find the PCB (Logic) Board. If you could find anything further it would help me.

Thanks Chris.


Ray Brewer.

Ray, seems you are right. I really do not see any places to order a spare PCB for the drive. It can be pretty hard to find PCB boards for a lot of devices actually. Most companies or customers just return the items to the manufacturer under warranty and just replace the item. For a lot of businesses it is jut not cost effective to spend the time to take a device apart. Sometimes you can find someone selling an item used and you can take the parts from it. If is a popular and expensive device it would probably be easier to find someone that stripped the device and is selling the individual parts.

I found the item being sold new on Ebay for around 40-50 USD. It might be quicker and less of a hassle to just replace the drive. If I were a customer I would want a new drive anyway for peace of mind. If he is a good customer, just take a hit and replace the whole thing. I am sure he or she will come back later for your services anyway. I am not sure if there is a huge price difference for electronics in your country.

I do apologize that I could not find a PCB for you in this case.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.


Chris R