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I have an ASUS G73j that is dying on me I think. it keeps flashing

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I have an ASUS G73j that is dying on me I think. it keeps flashing as if it was switching from battery to AC constantly without the battery ever charging properly and the charger not working at all. I since have done a few bits of 'workaround' so I am currently able to write to you on it but I feel that when I power it down, I will have problems to reboot it.
Hello my name is***** and I would be happy to assist you today.

What exactly is flashing? When you say the computer dies, what happens?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

dies : it goes dead as if it spontaneously ran our of battery and is not able to get the power from the plugged in power brick ( which is why I bought a new one quickly)

flashing: I meant blinking in and out of a black screen - the Asus is gaming latop ( I bought it because I need a lot of memory for what I do not for games - at the time it was the only laptop with 1 Terabyte of memory) so the default is set to utilise less energy if it is unplugged and powering by battery only. I managed set it to 'constant power' so now I can type you this message without the screen blinking in and out of a black screen.

This blinking problem with the monitor is an indicator of a bad inverter board. Have you investiaged this yet?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no, how do I investigate this ?

but tat will still not resolve the real problem that I am not able to close down and reboot my computer normally . I mentioned above when I start up my computer. I have attached a picture of what I see. unless I 'escape' this process it NEVER completes it and just simply stops and dies down suddenly. This means I can never boot up my laptop normallymessage on my start screen

To check if that is the case you would want to connect another monitor to your computer and see if the flickering or blinking stops. As far as it shutting down if you let it process, that could also be a problem with the hard drive and it is simply crashing the computer. Did the computer get hit by a surge of any kind?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no I don't think it got hit by a surge of some kind - also it was juggled into a surge protector socket before being plugged into the wall / mains. but none of the other appliances suffered from anything so I don't think that there was a surge

are you saying that I need to

1- power down the laptop

2- plug it into into another screen

and if it powers up then the issue is that I have a faulty inverter board? if so is it something I can purchase on amazon and replace myself or do I need to take it in somewhere to get it fixed ?

The inverter board is primarily for the monitor. If the inverter board burnt out then there is always a chance that something else could be damaged in the laptop. It could be that the shutting down or crashing is just a coincidence and is a sepearate problem. If you just recently installed memory or replaced the HDD then it is possible one of them is also the cause of problems. None the less, you have to figure out if you have a burnt out inverter board.

Yes you would want to connect another monitor to the laptop. Then do whatever you need to do to switch to that monitor. If you don't experience any problems with the monitor flickering then it is probably the board. So that is your first step.

Hate to say it, but the worst case scenerio is that there is damage to the motheboard itself. It is too premature to know for sure if that is the case though.
Sorry, to answer your other question if it turns out that you have a bad inveter board you can try looking on a lot of sites. You won't know until you check. It could be on Amazon. If not you can probably find it off of Ebay or some other site that sells laptop parts.

I would not try that repair yourself as you have to carefully unscrew and pry the laptop open to replace the part.
I have to step away from my computer for a little while. Please let me know what you find. If you no longer need support please rate my service. Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I replied to your earlier reply but I guess it got deleted when you answered the second part

I have to find a screen and do the inverter test you suggested tomorrow and revert when I have done it

I asked : can I liaise back with you tomorrow after I go through the steps or will I have to start with someone new from scratch?

Yeah sorry I never saw that post. Yes you can come back to me tomorrow. I am East Coast US though and I am usually on more in the day and early evening. Just Bookmark this page and keep me posted. No rush.
Chris R. and 2 other Computer Hardware Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there

sorry for not sending you a message before but I tested you separate screen test and it did not resolve it. it actually made the process completely irrecoverable while the screen was plugged in.

I have also taken my computer to a 3rd party company tech support and they thought it is toast too. they lent me a spare laptop in case mine implodes but now the priority is to buy another one.

what do you think would be the best way to identify what I need. would it be putting you a new request or is there another Just Answer service that could help me . I am thinking a Dell Precision M3800 Premium

let me know



I feared that might be the case. Was hoping that somehow it was just the inverter board for you.

To answer your quesiton you will need to create a new question since it is a completely different topic of discussion. If you would like me to help you just send a direct request for me when you post a new question. I am stepping away from the computer for about 30 minutes but when I am back I will respond to you. Just set the request duration for closer to an hour.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK will rate you and close this one down and start a new one. will try to do a direct request but in case I fail keep a lookout for my brief


Kind regards


Someone else took the question as it doesn't look like you requested me directly. Also you gave no mention that you wanted to speak to me so the other expert didn't know any better. If you are unhappy with the suggestions given to you by the other expert you can relist and ask for me, or opt out of the expert.