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, I am planning to upgrade my desktop computer with

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, I am planning to upgrade my desktop computer with a new Hard Drive and migrate my files and OS (in a bootable form) over to the new hard drive. From what I understand, I will need to use Acronis True Image 2015 to have the best, ***** ***** experience migrating my drive and OS files (in a usable, bootable format) over to the new hard drive. This is because the aforementioned software contains a "cloning your hard drive" facility which is dead easy to understand.
I'm considering which new hard drive to buy, and I have decided to go kind of SSHD (Hard Disk Drive with SSD Caching component built-in) as SSHDs offer the best performance/speed/storage/price on balance overall.
Currently I have a 1TB internal HDD attached to a 32GB SanDisk ReadyCache (which does much the same thing). I have heard that an SSHD may have better performance than an HDD plus my ReadyCache, is that true? I have also heard that upgrading to a larger capacity SSHD will improve performance as the overall data-density will be lower, and the larger capacity models are built to handle higher volumes of data (thus they handle lower volumes of data faster).
I am near the end of my current 1TB storage space, so I need a storage upgrade. But I also want a performance boost! I also want to know if i can use my existing ReadyCache solution with an SSHD (which contains its own internal SSD caching facility) - will that be possible or will this cause some kind of issue due to the HDD being accessed by multiple SSD caching solutions?
I have also noticed that even the Seagate 4TB SSHD hybrid only has 8GB of SSD caching, whereas my SanDisk ReadyCache has 32GB. Would this make the SSHD a downgrade because it has less SSD caching space?
Sorry the questions! - James
weshouck :

, I can help answer your questions.

weshouck :

I've done many upgrades to SSHD's and I can tell you that the performance is great. My boot up time went from 90 seconds to 30 seconds. Also, programs responded much faster because SSHD's including the one you are looking at have great performance. The difference of 8GB SSD caching won't hurt since the actual SSHD is a big memory chip as well which offsets the 8GB SSD cache. It's a great drive.


Thanks very much! Do you have any information (as specified in my original question) on whether using my SanDisk ReadyCache with the 4TB/8GB SSHD would be beneficial, problematic or even possible?

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