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This is a question about a Dell Laser Printer Model No. 1765nf. Whenever

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This is a question about a Dell Laser Printer Model No. 1765nf.
Whenever one prints a page, there's an extremely loud 'clacking' noise while the new page emerges from the printer. I'm sure it's a mechanical noise rather than electrical, though it sounds almost like electrical sparking.
Could anyone suggest what the noise is due to, and how to cure it?
Thank you
Sounds like your fuser drive assembly is going bad and needs to be replaced. If that is the case you have to weigh whether it cost more to replace printer or just replace the parts. Also you could try rotating the round drum that is inside to see if it will loosen up a bit. Maybe it got moved around a bit somehow.
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Here is a great YouTube video on how to replace them:
You can usually find the replacement parts on ebay and sometimes on amazon. If it is an older printer Dell usually does not keep parts stocked for this if they are out of date and they don't service them anymore. You can check their site for the assembly parts also.