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What maintenance operations (or good work practices) should

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What maintenance operations (or good work practices) should I perform to preserve the life of my macbook's SSD drive? I've heard about write amplification and want to make sure that my work practices do not lead to SSD errors.
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The main thing is to minimise the read and writes to the SSD Hard disk as the more you do the quicker it will wear out. The reason is it can only handle so many writes before it is not able to do this. It is one of the failings compared to standard hard drives, though other benefits of SSD greatly outweigh this.
First, do you only havd the SSD in the Macbook, or a hybrid normal hard drive and SSD?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, only an SSD. Same for all other windows laptops my children have.

ok, When it is a primary drive, and the only one, then the only thing you can do is make sure to Trim.
The problem with SSD is that it deterioates with reading and writing which is why its best to have it in a hybrid setup so that you can put the temp files on the normal hard drive and the system files on the SSD, but in your situation you cannot.
So what your best to do on the Mac is use a program called Disktester which you get here
It will ensure to trim empty blocks and keep the file structure correct. It is best to run this once a month.
This helps to avoid write amplification
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok, will do that.

Do the errors that occur on SSD's affect them permanently, or can they be wiped and start over?

Depends on what you mean by errors Andrew.
But it is the same as normal hard disks. If the errors are software or file corruption, they can be wiped. If its a hardware error, it cannot.
But SSD is less susceptible to hard ware issues then the normal hard disks.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

So the write amplification issue raised earlier is just a software problem and does not affect the disk permanently?

Correct, and the tool I advised on stops this from becoming an issue.
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