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Martin, Network Engineer
Category: Computer Hardware
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My PC desktop has recently slown down to a snails pace.

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Hi, My PC desktop has recently slown down to a snails pace. I have increased the RAM from 4 gig to 8 and it really sped it up but have downloaded a lot of documents scanned in at the office and out of a hard rive with 915 gb it only has 44gb free, was
wondering if installing an additional internal hard drive and spreading the documentation would help and if so how easy is it to install a new drive, managed to install the RAM myself very easily. That said when I run my diagnoic tools in windows it seems
that the slowest thing is my graphics card, could this make a difference and if so where in England could you recommend to purchase both items? Thanks T
Hello, welcome to JustAnswer my name is ***** ***** I'm one of the experts who will be assisting you today.Installing a new hard drive is as easy as plugging 2 cables in - you can use your original hard drive as a guide on what goes where, it has 2 cables. One goes from the hard drive to the motherboard into what's called a SATA port and the other into the power supply where it gets its energy from.The graphics card is as easy as installing RAM, you just plug it in, install the drivers that come with the CD and you're done.Sometimes the graphics card needs to be selected as the default which can be done from the BIOS.In regard to your question about the graphics card - it will definitely make your computer faster as it takes a lot of load off the CPU (processor), which in turn takes a lot of load off the RAM, and as a collateral effect, off the hard drive (less paging is done). It is often overlooked and people think it's just for gaming but it actually does a lot more.You can get all your hardware from drive: card: (Available speed depends on your motherboard) you have any doubts or would like any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.And if you're happy with the service I'm providing so far feel free to click on one of the 5 stars above followed by Finish as it would be greatly appreciated!Remember you can continue replying to me until you've got all the information you need.Regards,Martin
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Thanks for coming back to me so speedily and with such a comprehensive answer, A couple more questions if you don't mind,1. What is a SSD and what are the advatages both in terms of speed and otherwise.2. I am running a Hewlett- Packard P6-2120ea Intel Pentium CPU [email protected] 2.70GZ with 8 GB ram, I do not use the computer for gaming or anything like that but wondering if the card you recommend will work with the processor and weather the HDD or once you have explained SSD will bring it upto speed or do you feel that perhaps getting a tower desktop would be better?Thanks
1. Solid State Drive - Once you change to an SSD drive you'll never want to go back to a simple hard drive - the difference is just mind blowing. You can have a fast CPU, RAM and GPU (Graphics) but if your hard drive is slow it slows everything else down. The only downside is the price.2. Yes it should work on your computer.No need to get a tower but it's always better as you have more space for upgrades than a simple desktop.Martin
If you're planning on getting the graphics card as well as the hard drive, you will need a bigger PSU (Power Supply) - essentially you're almost building a new computer so a new tower might be a better long-term investment.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Martin for your advice, really appreciate it.
You're welcome, thanks for the positive feedback and bonus.Hope you're enjoying your weekend!Regards,Martin