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michelleclive, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer Hardware
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I am trying to connect my laptop to my printer which is an

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I am trying to connect my laptop to my printer which is an EPSON XP-760. How do I do it?
Hi, My name is ***** ***** i will be assisting youlet me know the operating system installed on the laptopalso how are you trying to connect printer and computer..usb cable or wifi
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
windows 7 trying to connect wifi
ok...i will help you set up the printer...let me know if its 32 or 64 bit windows 7
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
64 bit
do you know the ssid and password ***** your router for wifi connection
would it be fine if i remote connect to the laptop and install the printer for you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
click here for remote accessin the page that opens click on agreedownload and open\run the file elsinore screen connectallow it to install
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
okay but nothing has appeared yet except for a page showing out of date drivers
did you click on the link i gave above
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no what link
click here
in the page that opens click on agreedownload and open\run the file elsinore screen connectallow it to install
michelleclive: hi, michelle this side..i am now connected to your can chat with me on this chat box..
michelleclive: is the printer turned on??
Guest: yestype here
michelleclive: ok
michelleclive: please leave the mouse
michelleclive: i will install the printer for you
michelleclive: follow these steps on the printer
michelleclive: Press the Left Arrow twice until you see the Setup menu.
Press the OK button to enter this menu.
You will see the Ink levels menu, Press the left arrow to show the Restore Default Settings menu.
Press the OK button.
You will then see the Restore Wi-Fi settings menu, press the Right Arrow button twice until you see the Restore All Settings menu.
Press the OK button.
Press the OK button to confirm that you want to reset the all settings.
The defaults have been restored Press the OK button to return to the main menu.
michelleclive: let me know once done
michelleclive: have you done the steps on the printer
Guest: This has all been a little difficult as I dont have an okay button on the printer. But I have pressed various buttons and reached one that says Restore default settings
michelleclive: do you see an enter button to select the restore default settings option
Guest: I have pressed that and get the message all settings including network to default. Do you want me to press yes
michelleclive: yes
michelleclive: press yes
Guest: defaults restored
michelleclive: ok
michelleclive: Return to the Home screen by Pressing the Home Button.
Press the Left arrow button until you see the Wi-Fi Setup menu, press the OK button.
You will then see the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard, press the Right arrow button until you see the Wi-Fi Auto Connect menu. Press the OK button to enter the this menu.
michelleclive: see the buttons would differ but the options would be the same
michelleclive: use the usual way tyo navigate throughthe options as you do on teh printer
Guest: I dont see a wi-fi set up wizard, but I have got Wi-fi direct set up/or just plain Wi-fi set up/or network settings. which one should I press?
michelleclive: select wifi setup
michelleclive: let me know what you get next
Guest: I have now got the wi-fi wizard . On pressing that I get Select Network. I have twochoices SKYA3EAO or SKYA3EAO_EXT or other networks
michelleclive: let me check
michelleclive: select SKYA3EAO
Guest: now it is asking for a password. I dont have one but I use lesley11 on the computer.
michelleclive: let em check the password
michelleclive: password *****
michelleclive: EQCDCWES
Guest: it has now printed a check network connection PASS
michelleclive: ok
michelleclive: did it print??
Guest: no
michelleclive: ok let me check
michelleclive: it shows it printed
michelleclive: let me send another print
michelleclive: did it print
michelleclive: i shows its printing
michelleclive: please confirm did it print
michelleclive: are you there
michelleclive: are you there
Guest: the printer is all jamed up. I am trying to sort it
michelleclive: ok i will wait
Guest: 00
michelleclive: has the jam cleared
Guest: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.....23300000000000000000000000000000qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq NO i THINK i WILL need to take it to pieces 9\\
michelleclive: did the papaer tear in the printer
Guest: no it says it is out of paper, when there is paper in it
michelleclive: ok removepapaer
michelleclive: turn off printer and unplug power cord
michelleclive: keep the on button pressed for 10 secs
michelleclive: wait for 5 mins
michelleclive: plug in power cord and insert few sheets of paper
michelleclive: then let me know
Guest: okay
michelleclive: ok
michelleclive: did you turn on the printer
Guest: yes i have turned it on
michelleclive: is it still giving out of paper
michelleclive: message
Guest: i am trying to find a test page
michelleclive: dont worry i will print it for you
michelleclive: leave the mouse
michelleclive: did it print
michelleclive: fan the paper and then insert ony 4-5 skeets of paper
michelleclive: are you getting any error on the printer
Guest: no
michelleclive: did it print
michelleclive: did it print
Guest: is still saying out of paper in cassette 1
michelleclive: remove paper and put it back in
michelleclive: does that remove the error
Guest: no
michelleclive: ok is this a new printer??
michelleclive: the initial problem of setting up printer hasbeen solved..i will ahve to check this paper issue now..please leave the mouse
michelleclive: the settings seem to be correct
michelleclive: is this a new printer and have you printed pages before form the printer or attempting it the first time
Guest: it is a new printer, but the only thing that it has printed are details of the stuff in the printer system.
michelleclive: ok if you press any buttons on the printer does the error go off
michelleclive: ae you there
michelleclive: are you there
Guest: yes i am. on the wi-fidirect status it says connection method - not set
michelleclive: any change
Guest: the test page has printed
michelleclive: great
michelleclive: all set for printing now
michelleclive: you can now use the printer
michelleclive: let me know if you have any questions
Guest: not at the moment. anyway very many thanks
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