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I cannot send an email with an attachment (have reduced the

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I cannot send an email with an attachment (have reduced the size prior to sending)
after several minutes 'sending' I get a message 'we encountered a technical problem,
please try again'
Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help and resolve the problem you have posted.I am sorry to know that you are facing problem with your email. Let me know the file size you are attaching to the email.What email are you using?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
In this case the attachment was one photo 977kb
What email are you using?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is the web browser you must be using web based email and not MS Outlook
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
11.20 I am waiting for a phone call. At 11.02 I was told that someone would call 'in a few minutes'
will call you now.
Customer hi, michelle this side...i am now connected.... Customer i will get started now Customer please open your email Customer thanks you may now leave the mouse.. i will check Customer there is a variation in our internet speeds so i am getting your display after few you might find that i might be clicking on options slowly
Guest: OK Customer let me know that did you try using aol mail in internet explorer
Guest: Yes, I think I did. I have had this problem before. Customer ok Customer i will check Customer please enter email and password Customer ok the attachments did get through only specific ones do not seem to get through Customer i will check further
Guest: Hi Michelle. I have to leave here at 12.50 as I have an appointment. If this is still unresolved, can I get ba Customer yes...we can continue what time you will be back as we have a time gap
Guest: I should be back by 3.30pm Customer sure... i will be online around 3:30..let me open the just answer page and add to your favorites so that you may directly open it and reply to me once you are back Customer yes i will save the page to your favorites so that you can open and reply on it
Guest: Please tell me exactly how Customer yes will tell you..leave the mouse for a minute as its about to be 12:50 Customer i need to do it quickly for you Customer please login to just answer Customer do you know the username and password
Guest: No I don't.Sorry Customer open aol email Customer its on left tab Customer ok Customer now i will tell you how to get back to me Customer open the just answer email that says i responded to your on view answer Customer it will open just answer page and you can reply to me Customer hope that is fine..i willw ait for your reply and then we can remote connect again
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The problem with my email is NOT resolved. It is exactly as it was when I contacted you. Unless you get back to me & sort
it out I trust that you will refund the £26 plus £18 for phone contact (which was not used)
Eileen Dimmock
I was waiting for your response but did not get any reply from you on the day we were on the remote session to continue furtheras you have listed the problem is still there, i am ready to assist you further on it. you have mentioned that there was no phone contact however i did call you and we spoke on the phone and i gave you the remote session link on the phone only else how would you have connected on the remote sessionlet me know what time we can get started fixing this further
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am online now if you wish to continue.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As last week, I have to go out at 12.50 so that may not give us enough time to sort it out. I am not at all computer savvy so
that is why I was expecting another phone call. I tried to contact you at 3.20 pm when I returned last Friday but obviously
was doing something wrong.
Can we make an appointment for Monday morning (25th) when I can be here all day.
Monday morning would be absolutely fine ping me when you are online.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That is good. Please ring me (01923) 284494 if I don't contact you by as it probably means that i am trying to
contact you but not doing it correctly !!
Not a problem i will call you if i do not get a reply from you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
9.30 am Monday 25th Jan.
Good morning Michelle. I am online now.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Mivhelle.
Are you there?
Hi good morning. I am online let me know when you are ready.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ready now
Click here
Join Your Remote Desktop SessionHow Remote Desktop WorksAgree to the Remote Desktop Legal Disclaimer below.The Remote Desktop client file will automatically download to your computer.Open the Remote Desktop client file on your computer and you will be connected to a session with your Expert.After agreeing to the Remote Desktop Legal Disclaimer, you can always download the client again if need be.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How do I open the Remote desktop client file?
did you see the link i attached click here on the top click on it and follow the steps.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, I followed the steps as far as 'open remote desktop client file' and I don't know how to do that.
Elsinore is the remote program all you have to do is open Elsinore and i will be automatically connected.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am really sorry to appear so dim but Ihow do I open 'Elsinore' I can't see it anywhere.
no problem i will send you a new link now
Click on the link given below.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK have done that but how do I open Elsinore now?
as the page opens you need to click on the green button "i agree" then it will download the file and then you can install it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have pressed the 'I agree' button and downloaded the file. So what do I do then?
look for the download location and double click on the Elsinore file.
due to variation in internet speed the connection seems to lock me out
please open the website
in the page that opens click on start full version
it will download a file teamviewer exe
click on the file to open\run it
once its installed, the temviewer window will open
let me know the id and password ***** on left side of the window
DESKTOP-750VO7H (06:53 PM):
please sign in to aol
the internet speed still seems to be real slow
please try sending an email with attachment
let me know if you get same error
CARRIE (07:02 PM):
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:03 PM):
seems its doing the same thing
CARRIE (07:04 PM):
I'm afraid so
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:04 PM):
click yes
i have switched to old basic bersion for testing
lets see if it works in basic version or not
i have been checking in various customer forums and this seems to be a known issue with aol
they seem not to have released a solution for this
however i can test in one more way
what is the password ***** your aol mail
CARRIE (07:16 PM):
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:16 PM):
let me see..give me a minute here
ok got it
i tested your email on my computer
i was able to send attachment without any problem
let me test another one and will confirm
it seems to run all fine on my end
all attachments going
it has to be something with the internet settings or antivirus on your computer
CARRIE (07:23 PM):
So do you think there i a problem with my pc?
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:24 PM):
i am not sure if its the pc or your internet connection
as your pc is running way too slow than normal
CARRIE (07:24 PM):
What do you suggest I do?
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:24 PM):
open your aol email
just check inbox
i logged into your mail and sent attchments
all have come to your inbox
let me know if you see them
click update for the password
so that it does not trouble againb
those are just random attachemnts from my computer
CARRIE (07:30 PM):
Yes all ok.
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:30 PM):
so that means problem lies with pc
or internet
as of now there are 2 things we can do
before that let me know do you have any other email id as well
that you use
CARRIE (07:31 PM):
Where do I go from here?
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:31 PM):
dont worry..we will find a solution
first let me know do you use any other email as well
CARRIE (07:31 PM):
I don't have any other email id
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:31 PM):
or just have this one
ok now here is what we can do
1. we will create another email for you so that atleast in case of urgent emailing that needs attachments to be sent, you can do it
2. i will run a scan on the pc and if there is a problem we will fix it but if no probelm is found then we may have to check with internet service prvider if they have put any restrictions
hope that sounds ok
CARRIE (07:34 PM):
Yes, that sounds fine.Do I need to do anything just now/
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:35 PM):
yes i would need your help in creating the new email however i do understand that this has taken a long time due to internet speed issue
if you have some work and cannot stay on the pc and would like to continue later we can quickly setup your email and then i can initiate a scan which will not require you to be on the system all teh time
else if you want we can continue later
CARRIE (07:37 PM):
I am still here & would rather carry on if it's ok with you
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:37 PM):
lets setup a new email first then
please leave the mouse
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:39 PM):
ok fill in the details in teh form
this willcreate a new gmail email
and do remember the username and password ***** choose
prefereably keep it the same as you have for aol
will be easier to remember
let me know once done
click agree
CARRIE (07:45 PM):
Have done that.Wouldn't let me use the same name so I used eileen.dimmock
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:45 PM):
so are you now on the page with inbox of gmail
actaully my screen is not refreshing quickly so wanted to know
CARRIE (07:47 PM):
I am on Google uk page but not email
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:47 PM):
ok let me check
did you sue thsi same email
seems you did not complete the steps
let me redo it
CARRIE (07:49 PM):
I tried eileenandchas but they said that name was already in use
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:49 PM):
i will ask for info on this chat and fill it up for you
click create account
at the bottom
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:52 PM):
your birth date
let me know on chat
wow..mine is 19 feb
fill up rest of the info
CARRIE (07:53 PM):
HAVE FILLES IT IN 20.02.1941
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:54 PM):
ok leave the mouse now
click on next step
CARRIE (07:57 PM):
DESKTOP-750VO7H (07:57 PM):
ok let me chcek
your phone number
click continue to gmail
ok so first step done
your email id is***@******.***
password ***** *****
make a note of it on paper
you can use this email when you want to send attachments
DESKTOP-750VO7H (08:05 PM):
have you made a note of it
CARRIE (08:06 PM):
Yes, I have.
DESKTOP-750VO7H (08:06 PM):
ok now next step is to run a scan on the computer
let me see if i can do it
ok one very important thing
even gmail is giving internet connectivity error
i have this doubt that your service provider has some problem
once we are done do contact them and tell them you are getting a low speed and random disconnection
now we will proceed with the scan
DESKTOP-750VO7H (08:13 PM):
ok there is a seroius probelm with the internet
its taking too much time
i will try my best to run the scan
DESKTOP-750VO7H (08:20 PM):
click on restart the download button
DESKTOP-750VO7H (08:23 PM):
ok no problems
please type this link in the address bar on the very top
earse the earler content
earse everything them type
let me do it
did it download any file mbam setup
its showing 27 mins left
usually it takes 1 min
CARRIE (08:29 PM):
not at all sure what this means
DESKTOP-750VO7H (08:31 PM):
what i mean to say any step i try will take hours to complete instead of normal 10--15 mins
let me call you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I contacted plusnet & was told that the speed ratio - (not sure if that is correct) was set too high in settings so after a few
hours I switched off the router as I had been told & switched back on after a few minutes. It may be fractionally quicker but
I tried sending an email with attachment & it still wouldn't go.
I can be online about 1 pm (13.00 hrs) but I now have to go out about 14,45. I know our appointment is for 14.00 hrs so I will be here then in any case.
Sure i would continue at 2 pm your time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Michelle
I am online now until 14.45.
Hi, I am online now
On yoir computer, Please open teamviewer from the list of programs and let me know the id number and password *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry - Internet is still slow.
id -742 615 754
p/w - 55blkh
let the teamviewer be open it will take me few minutes to get connected.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I think the password ***** *****
if you get the warning click on trustworthy on bottom right
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Michelle
I'm afraid it is just the same. The email with attachment will not go ! And I must leave very soon.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I really have to go now - I am 40 minutes late already.! what do you think I should do about this computer?
sure...i will research a bit further as your computer seems to be running fine with the scans
when can we do a quick final remote again maybe tomorrow
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Michelle
I shall be out until 3.30 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) and here from 9 am to 1 pm on Thursday.
lets do it on thursday...reply to me once you are online on thursday
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Will do.I shall be online Thursday from 9 am but have to leave by
9 would be find and it should not take that long so you can go by the time you want to leave.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Good morning Michelle.
Yesterday I successfully sent several emails to myself with attachments ! Also, the internet speed has improved.
That sounds good. Let me know after trying it for few more days it could be the internet speed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. I will be in touch in a few days time.
not a problem take your time and let me know whenever you find any problem.