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Epson 1510 says i have a paper jam but i can't find any

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epson 1510 says i have a paper jam but i can't find any paper in the m/c having cleared all remnants out
Hello and thank you for choosing you clear out a paperjam, I do believe you need to CLEAR the paperjam error message..Are you familiar with how to do this?Do you have the User Manual?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no and no
Okay, please allow m a couple minutes to find, download, open, and read HOW to clear the paperjam message.Please Stand-By
Okay, so your printer (Epson 1510) has 4 areas that a paper jam can occur.1- Input Paper Tray2- Output Paper Tray3- Cartridge Access Area4- Inside the Printer.Have you checked all 4 area?Each area has a corresponding picture that may help you.Would you like the USER GUIDE that shows you the pictures?I can upload it here, and then you can download it.Then you go to Chapter 8, Page 54
Here is the USER MANUAL for the Epson 1510 Printer.Remember to go to Chapter 8, page 54 (shown on the actual pages) and to make sure to clear all the paper from all 4 areas..Then you need to PLUG back in the printer. Ofcourse you would have UNPLUGGED it BEFORE you tried to OPEN or clear an paperjams.ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, unplug a printer before working on it.....ALWAYS!!!!!
I mean UNPLUG it from the WALL electricity outlet. before working on a printer..WHY?Some printers use HIGH Voltage (600-700 Volts) to enable the toner to stick to the print head roller, it needs to be HIGH VOLTAGE..So unplug the printer before EVER opening one......YES!?
Sorry, HERE is the USER MANUAL.
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