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My HP photosmart printer will only print in red or blue. It

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My HP photosmart printer will only print in red or blue. It will not print in black or yellow despite having new cartridges. Can you advise me what might be wrong?
Hello and thank you for choosing you tell me the model of the printer please?I know you mentioned it was an HP Photosmart, but i need the model number so i can pull the tech manuals, and dig for a solution.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for replying to my query. The printer is an HP Photosmart 6510e All in One printer.
Thank you, ***** ***** me a few more minutes to locate a potential solution.
Okay, so your printer has 4 individual ink cartridges.Cyan (Blue)Magenta (Red)YellowBlack.So, you need to recheck the Black and yellow ink cartridges, and make sure they are FULLY SEATED in the printer. Best way to do this, is to remove it fully, and then REinsert. Usually you will hear a click, or some kind of feeling to know you have FULLY inserted the ink cartridge. Also, while you have the ink cartridge out of the printer.....check for any damage, or any stickers or tape that would have been placed on the ink cartridge for shipping and packaging protection..Also, it is not entirely improbable to get ink cartridges that dont work, even when they are brand new. YOu may have to return them to where you purchased and get a new set of ink cartridges..There is a potential thing you can try.The Yellow and Red and Blue ink cartridges are all the same size. So you could SWAP the Blue and Yellow ink cartridges inside the printer....and then try to printYou know the printer will work on the blue print head, so if you have the yellow cartridge in a KNOWN WORKING print head, and it prints yellow...then you know that the printer head for black and yellow are most likely bad, and you need to replace printer.But, if the yellow does not print, and the blue prints while it is in the yellow slot......then you KNOW the print heads are fine, and the black and yellow cartridges are bad, and you need to replace them..Make Sense? I know its alot......but its how we determine.Questions?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your advice. I tried to swap the cartridges around but the printer came up with the message that the colours were in the wrong slots and it wouldn't attempt to print until I put them back into the correct slots. I think this printer is too clever by far! It looks as though I will have to replace it when I get tired of printing in blue or red.
Ahh, the printer knew what you were up to..Well, like i said before....its not entirely improbable that you got a yellow and black cartridge that was DOA (Dead On Arrival) does happen..So, trying a NEW set of cartridges might solve the issue......unless the Black and yellow WERE WORKING fine, and suddenly which case, the printer head is most likely the culprit..Either way, you have a solid path to solution.Please take a moment to rate my performance.Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, the black and yellow cartridges weren't empty when they stopped printing so I think it must be the printer head. The black one went first, then the yellow, so maybe it is only a matter of time before the blue and red pack in! Thank you very much for your clear advice.
You are quite welcome, and please take a moment to rate my performance.Thank you!
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