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chrisaw, DevOps Manager
Category: Computer Hardware
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Experience:  DevOps Manager with over 10 years experience in the DevOps and IT field.
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I have deleted my os windows 10 on my x2 210 tablet, my

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Hi I have deleted my os windows 10 on my x2 210 tablet, my fault aprox cost of reload
also power supply not working this is under guarantee Ken.
Hi Ken, It looks like you have three options for your particular model of computer / tablet. 1.) Return the device to HP and they can reinstall it as well as repair the faulty PSU. 2.) Reinstall either Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 (based on your preference) by following the guide over at: In order to download Windows 10 legally you can use the following URL: - you can download Windows 8 legally in the same way (as long as you have a license key): Note: You will need another computer to complete this guide but it would allow you to switch it over to Windows 8 which you mentioned trying to install previously so I assume you have a preference for that? In order to complete this - it looks like a key step in booting from USB is to disable "Secure Boot" until after the install is completed. Once that is completed - you should be able to re-enable Secure Boot and you should be good to go. 3.) Perform a "factory reset" on your device to return it to stock settings as HP describes here: This should work as long as you haven't deleted the recovery partition but will return you to whatever version of Windows the device shipped with. Either way - it sounds like you will either need to purchase a new PSU for the computer or contact HP to request they send you one (which should be free of charge if the computer is still under guarantee. You can do that over at: I hope this helps you resolve this problem and brings your tablet back to life! :) Thanks! Christopher
Hi Ken, If my answer provided above resolves the problem - I would greatly appreciate if you could rate my answer when you've got a few moments spare. :) Thanks! Christopher
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