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I'm am an IT manager The company told me I'm having an IT

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I'm am an IT manager The company told me I'm having an IT audit on Wednesday morning. (I was just informed this evening).
- What should I prepare?
- Am I allowed to see the Audit?
- Do I need to be told in advance who is doing the audit?
- Is there anything else I need to know?
- Should I have to supervise the auditor at all times?


My name is David.

You will need to prepare your configuration and policy documentation. The auditor will compare the documentation to the configuration and policy information stated in the documentation to determine whether or not your systems comply with your own documentation. The auditor will then compare your documentation against the regulatory requirements that apply to the business to determine whether or not the documented policies and procedures align with the regulatory requirements.

There should be advanced warning of the audit, at least more than just the evening before the audit, so an impromptu audit such as this is not customary in my experience.

Yes, I would recommend supervision of the auditor by either yourself or someone that works for you that understands the documentation, and that can answer any questions if you are not available.

If you need further information just let me know.



Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi, excellent, that is so spot on. Thx David.Also, can I ask what your professional qualifications are as this would help me?eg I'm MCSE /A+/ N+ with approx. 15 years experience and never had an IT Audit in my life!!(To be honest I think the company have no idea what they are doing and have called in 'someone' from outside and I still have no idea who they are or what their background is or why and they want me to give them the root passwords to everything!! - any advice would be helpful here!!)I just want to make sure I don't trip over any wires (metaphorically speaking - hey I'm an IT guy - tripped over many real ones before!! :)I have to got to work, but I will check back soon!Cheers!!JamesB
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Oh I can wait a few minutes only. I don't want to do this at work...can I check in with you later to conclude?

Yes, you can check back later.

My credentials include CISSP, MCSE, Cisco (although expired at the moment) and some other lesser known certifications, and 20 + years experience.

I have helped many organizations prepare for audits, especially those focused on cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

Also, it may be helpful to review the results of some audits performed at other organizations, as government offices post the results of their audits for public access.

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
ok excellent info. many thanks! I'll be sure to check with you soon!

Sounds good and glad I could help!